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Peachesandkeen started up in 2017 from Brandon Guuser and Alysa Stout’s shared love of plants.  They found peace with philodendrons and other houseplants in the middle of the hectic city.  Their passion for greenery grew from local pop-ups into this online oasis by 2019.  

It’s more than just plants at Peachesandkeen – it’s a way of life, a connection, a community.  The leaves here all tell stories, and we want you to join us on the plant adventure.

What Our Readers Say

Peachesandkeen has transformed my urban space into a leafy paradise! Their passion and knowledge about Philodendrons shine through in every product and piece of advice. Truly a gem for plant enthusiasts!
Elena Martinez
From the quality of the art to the richness of the content, Peachesandkeen has been a game-changer for me. Every post feels like a personal touch to my ever-growing indoor garden.
Priya Nair
I've always struggled with indoor plants until I stumbled upon Peachesandkeen. Their care guides are a lifesaver, and the community they've built is incredibly supportive. A must-visit for anyone looking to bring nature indoors!
Miles thompson
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Grow With Us

We hope you can feel the love radiating from Peachesandkeen.  Our passion for nature goes way back, and we really want to spread that passion around.  It’s not just about caring for plants to us – we want to help you start your own plant journey, make some memories, and find other plant lovers to swap tips with along the way.  

Whether you’re new to the whole plant thing or you’ve already filled your house with leaves, we welcome you to come grow with us and dream up your perfect indoor jungle.  Lets see what kind of stories we can grow, one new leaf at a time.