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18 Different Styles of Wine Glasses

Many individuals possess just a single or double pair of wine glasses, and they use this on occasions when they are indulging in wine drinking. Almost often, this is adequate. There are many different types of wine glasses out there, so it’s a good idea to have knowledge about them and purchase sets for the types of wine you serve.

You’ll discover photos and descriptions of your wine glass selections below, in different forms such as customized write-ups and illustrations.

A. Numerous Red Wine Glass Options

The Cabernet Wine Glass

Riedel Heart to Heart Cabernet Sauvignon Glasses, Set of 2, Clear, 28-1/4-Oz -

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Cabernet wine glasses are one of the tallest of all wine’s glasses. They are designed to enhance the aroma of the wine. Its shape emphasizes and concentrates it and makes drinking from these glasses a pleasure. To top it all off, the glass’s wide base enables wine connoisseurs to fully inhale the wine. The smell is then captured by the glass’s small mouth.

It is important to utilize a cabernet wine glass correctly since overfilling will dilute the beverage’s taste, scent, and overall enjoyment. This will enable you to completely appreciate the wine’s aromas. Due to the size of wine glasses, it’s tempting to overpour; nonetheless, never pour more wine than the bowl’s greatest surface.

Burgundy wine from France

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Unlike Bordeaux glasses, which have a small bowl-shaped base, these specialist glasses feature a larger bowl. The larger volume of the bowl will help wines with more subtle aromas. Due to the glass’s shape, the drinker will first taste the wine on the tip of their tongue before fully experiencing it.

To properly enjoy the taste and smell of even the most delicate wine, it is necessary to hold it on the tip of your tongue to prevent losing any detail. Several of these glasses include shorter stems to keep the wine glass upright. However, the stems are long enough in this glass to easily swirl the wine, including air and extracting the greatest amount of taste and scent.

Because these glasses have a thin lip, you may safely drink wine from them without danger of spilling it.

The Glass of Bordeaux Wine

Zwiesel Glas Tritan Pure Stemware Collection, Set of 6, Bordeaux Red Wine Glass

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Bordeaux is the tallest wine glass available, with a narrower base than some of the other styles.

These glasses are ideal for full-bodied wines such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, and their design guarantees that you have the finest experience possible while using them. When wine is consumed from a tall wine glass, it swiftly goes to the back of your mouth rather than lingering at the tip of your tongue.

This is a wonderful approach for extracting the most taste from your wine. This is particularly advantageous if the wine you’re tasting lacks the deep, rich flavors associated with Bordeaux or if it’s young and lacking in complexity.

Glass for Zinfandel Wine

Riedel VINUM Zinfandel/Riesling/Chianti Glasses, Set of 2

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Zinfandel wine glasses should be somewhat shorter than Bordeaux wine glasses and have a little broader rim. This allows you to fully appreciate the wine’s taste and aroma. Thick or rough rims may distract from the overall enjoyment of the wine, so opt for glasses with thin rims.

Zinfandel, being a lighter wine, does not benefit from wider rims since a thicker rim makes it more difficult to get the wine into your mouth. Additionally, the base is smaller than that of a Bordeaux or Cabernet wine glass, but it is big enough to allow for aeration of the wine before eating. This enhances the wine’s overall taste and your enjoyment of it.

While it is feasible to drink Zinfandel wine in a Bordeaux glass, it is significantly more enjoyable to do so, despite the prevalent perception that the two glasses are interchangeable.

Pinot Noir is a Grape Variety

Riedel Veritas Pinot Noir Glass, Set of 2, Clear

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The bowl of a Pinot Noir glass is the biggest of any red or white wine glass. To extract the maximum amount of taste and fragrance from the wine, this method should expose it to air as much as possible. By combining a crystal-clear glass with a huge bowl, you can swirl the wine while also viewing it.

The stems on these glasses are somewhat shorter than those on standard red wine glasses. Take note of the rim to differentiate them from other red wine glasses. Squeezing the wine from the glass directs the smells and tastes of the wine to your nose and tongue. It is OK to drink Pinot Noir from any glass as long as you are not anticipating the whole taste of the glass.

You must drink this wine from a Pinot Noir glass to truly appreciate its power; any other glass will enable you to consume it, but not as thoroughly as with a Pinot Noir glass.

Rose Wine

Riedel Extreme Rose/Champagne Wine Glass, 4 Count (Pack of 1), Clear

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Glasses with a long stem, such as rose glasses, shield the wine from the heat created by your palm. The stem helps to keep your wine at a cool serving temperature. The two most common shapes of rose glasses are those with a shallow bowl and a flaring lip and those with a shallow bowl and a tapering lip.

If you’re going to be sipping a young bottle of wine, the flared lip is preferred, although both look wonderful. Flared lips transport the wine directly into your sweet-toothed taste receptors, resulting in wines with less sweetness than their older counterparts. This process will sweeten your drinks. The glass’s taper should be as modest as feasible in order to accommodate a ripe rose.

B. White Wine Glasses


Riedel Extreme Oaked Chardonnay Glass, Set of 2, Clear

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White wine glasses, on the other hand, have a more upright and “U”-shaped bowl than red wine glasses. While the shape of Pinot Noir glasses is similar to that of Chardonnay glasses, Chardonnay glasses are smaller. Young white wines benefit from this glass’s slightly larger aperture, which directs the wine to the sides and tip of your tongue rather than the back of your mouth.

This way, you’ll be able to savor the wine’s sweetness. This is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a different method to enjoy a wine that doesn’t seem sweet enough. These glasses have a very big bowl but a little condensed top. Glasses shaped like Pinot Noir glasses allow you to completely enjoy the wine’s flavor and intensity.


Riedel Vinum Crystal Viognier/Chardonnay Wine Glass, Set of 4

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The Viognier wine glass is somewhat smaller than a sweet wine glass and has a little more open rim. To retain the delicate notes of Viognier wine, it is necessary to use Viognier glasses with small bowls that prevent the wine from coming into contact with the air.

Violets, peaches, pears, and minerals are all common aromas in this wine, and it is vital to maintain them. The shape of the glass ensures that these wines, which are often drunk at a younger age and are typically sweeter, are maximized. When served in a high-quality Viognier glass, you won’t lose any of the wine’s floral aromas.

Due to the shape of the glass and the broad base on which it rests, these glasses have a lower center of gravity and are thus less prone to topple over.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine

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They will be far thinner than standard white wine glasses and will also be perfectly upright. Due to the design of the glass, the wine’s carbonation will stay on your tongue while you drink. As a result, many people prefer to drink wine from these glasses rather than ones with larger bowls, which would cause the wine to fast lose its carbonation.

The shape of the glass and the small opening enable the wine to make fast touch with the tip of your tongue, enabling you to immediately experience the flavor and aroma. Additionally, the glass’s shape disperses the wine’s scents more evenly, making it simpler to inhale and savor. A wide base is necessary to keep your tall glass upright and prevent it from falling over, spilling or shattering.

Special occasion flutes may be embellished with a choice of exquisite patterns, transforming each drink into a celebration. Certain manufacturers are now producing sparkling wine glasses that extend all the way through their stems.

While some find these glasses appealing, they will warm your sparkling champagne as you drink from them. Using a short-stemmed glass will cause it to rapidly lose its carbonation and become flat.

Sweet Wine

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These glasses are smaller and have a thinner rim than standard white wine glasses. They are designed for sweeter and dessert wines. This design allows the wine to be directed to the back of the mouth. This procedure, in addition to controlling the sweetness of the wine, ensures that the wine’s flavor and fragrance stay intact.

Additionally, spinning the wine may help bring out the acidity, which can help balance out the sweetness of certain sweet wines. Dessert wines are served in smaller doses since they have a higher alcohol content than other white wines, making them appropriate for an after-dinner drink. If you’re searching for an easy method to swirl your wine, these glasses are ideal.

Vintage Wine

Mikasa Vintage Floral White Wine Glass, Set Of 4, Clear

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While vintage wine glasses are lovely, they are not necessarily the best option for sipping a glass of wine. Due to their lack of specialized design, they may impart a preference for some wines over others when sipped from them, making their use rather hit or miss.

Despite this, many people pick them for their visual appeal and capacity to elicit good memories. Because they come in a variety of designs, you may make your drink as exquisite as you choose. There is a significant flaw with these wine glasses since the bowl is so large, the wine is exposed to a great deal of air. While a taller, more streamlined glass is far less likely to tip over, a wide bowl may be harder to keep firmly, increasing the likelihood of spilling your wine.

If you want as much air as possible in contact with your wine, or if you care more about how it appears than how it performs, these wine glasses are for you. Maintain a wide and hefty base to balance the weight of the heavy liquid they will be transporting, and always lift them by the stem to avoid accidentally warming them with your hand heat.

Rose White Wine

Zwiesel Glas Tritan Pure Stemware Collection, 13.8-Ounce, Set of 6, Sauvignon Blanc/Rose/Tasting, White Wine Glass

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These long-stemmed glasses are designed to prevent you from accidentally warming your drink with the warmth of your hand. There are two styles of Rose glasses: those with short bowls and tapered stems and those with a short bowl and flared lip. To bring out the sweetness of a younger vintage of Rose, serve it in a fluted glass with a flared lip. A shorter stem and a less flared lip are required for drinking an older Rose, so look for these traits in your glasses.

C. A Selection of Wine Goblets


Riedel VINUM Port Glasses, Set of 2

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They are often smaller and thinner than Bordeaux glasses, despite their similar shape. Whatever the size of the glass, you should never fill it more than halfway with wine if you want to completely savor the aroma.


Iittala Essence 15cl Sherry Glass Set of 2

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Because these sherry glasses were created to retain and serve sherry, they resemble port wine glasses. They have a long stem to help preserve the drink’s quality while savoring it, as well as a tight mouth hole. As a consequence, the sherry’s aroma is conveyed straight to the drinker’s nose, enabling them to experience the drink’s intricacies in their entirety.

Balloon Glasses

Amazon Basics Red Wine Balloon Wine Glasses, 20-Ounce, Set of 4

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Balloon glasses, which are often used to store large quantities of wine, are an excellent item to have on hand. Due to their large holes, these glasses are ideal for reds that take a long time to open up and whites such as chardonnay. These glasses include a long stem, which prevents the beverage from warming, a significant benefit for consumers.

Flute Glasses

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Because it is taller and skinnier than other wine glasses, it helps maintain the wine’s carbonation, allowing you to enjoy it without concern. Due to the long stem, the heat generated by your hand will have no effect on your drink. Along with ensuring that the beverage maintains an acceptable level of carbonation, the glasses’ height increases the drink’s appearance and appeal.

Stemless Glasses

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses for Red or White Wine (Set of 4)-15-Ounces

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While stemless glasses have gained popularity, care should be used while using them to prevent heating your wine owing to the warmth of your hand. Even though they lack a stem, you must decide if the security of not having to worry about them toppling over is worth the risk of the wine temperature being compromised.

Aerating Glasses

Sommelier Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection (Set of 2) - Wine Glass With Built In Aerator…

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This glass is great for ensuring that your wine is adequately aerated before consumption. Aerating your wine prior to pouring it into your glass may be sped up by pouring it while it is aerated. Try to choose ones that are both useful and appealing.