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46 Different Types of Office Equipment

After recently furnishing and outfitting my office with a variety of office equipment, I thought it would be useful to compile a comprehensive list of office equipment to consider when setting up a fully functional office, whether it’s a home office, a small commercial office, or a large commercial office with many employees.

My workplace recently received a new desk, office chair, sofa, bookcase, and filing cabinet. While I have a home office, I spend the majority of my time in a modest condo that I rent to use as my office (a really great setup). That was not the end of it for me. My PC setup now includes a third monitor. Some monitor stands were added to ensure good body alignment. I then went out and bought some much-needed office materials. I also invested in some more advanced multi-media equipment, such as a professional microphone and a camera.

Below is a list of the various sorts of office equipment and supplies you’ll need or be able to obtain to outfit a beautiful office, whether at home or in a business setting.

Fast Rundown of Everything You’ll Need in Your Office

Here’s a fast rundown of everything you’ll need for any office setting, including technology, furniture, and supplies.

  • Desktop computer
  • Laptop
  • Printer and scanner
  • Webcam: This will come in handy for all those Zoom calls.
  • Microphone: Using a microphone can drastically increase the quality of your sound.
  • Second Monitor: Having a second monitor will greatly increase your productivity.
  • Label Printer: If you print a lot of labels, this is a must-have.
  • Office Desk
  • Office Chair
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Bookcase
  • Good Lighting
  • Shredder
  • Printing Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Notepads
  • Stapler
  • Pens
  • Paper Clips
  • Scissors
  • Heavy-duty hole punch: It is great for staying organized.
  • Binders
  • Batteries (AA and AAA)
  • Tape
  • Paper Tray
  • Caddy
  • Whiteboard
  • Bulletin Board

Details of What You’ll Need and Why You’ll Need It

Computer Technology

It would have to be a computer if you could only acquire one item for an office. These days, it’s the beating heart of every office. With a laptop, you could practically operate multimillion-dollar businesses. Although I exaggerate, the point is that you will require a computer.

1. Monitors

Dell P2419H 24 Inch LED-Backlit, Anti-Glare, 3H Hard Coating IPS Monitor - (8 ms Response, FHD 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz, 1000:1 Contrast, with ComfortView DisplayPort, VGA, HDMI and USB), Black

Click image for more info

The most important item and suggestion on this list is the use of several monitors. If you don’t work on many monitors, you’re wasting time and not getting as much done as you could. I bought every employee a second monitor when I had a physical and mortar business because I knew they could get so much more done faster. I still find it hard to understand that most organizations do not provide at least two monitors to their employees.

With three displays, though, there are certainly diminishing returns.

I use three and enjoy it, but the benefits aren’t comparable to going from one to two monitors. It also relies on how you’ve set up your system. Two additional larger monitors are certainly worth having if your primary computer is a laptop with a small screen.

2. Desktop Computer

Lenovo M93P SFF Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i7 3.4GHz, 16GB Ram, 512GB M.2 SSD, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, WiFi | Bluetooth, New 23.8" FHD LED Monitor, Microsoft Office 365, Win 10 Pro (Renewed)

Click image for more info

The majority of firms still rely on desktop computers. Although some companies provide laptops to their staff, the desktop still reigns supreme in the corporate world. The reason for this is that they are less expensive in terms of computer power.

3. Laptop

2022 Newest Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop, 15.6" FHD Display, Intel Dual-Core Processor, Intel UHD Graphics, 20GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, Fingerprint Reader, Webcam, HDMI, Bluetooth 5.0, Grey, Windows 11

Click image for more info

All my employees have a laptop. I enjoy it since I can take it with me wherever I go (which I do – to and from work and home). A laptop can easily operate any small business. Having said that, I’m really considering purchasing a Mac desktop computer. I used to work from home, but now I mostly work from my office, and I’d appreciate the extra computer power and a larger screen. Laptops are also perfect for somebody who frequently travels for work. There’s no reason for employees to go out without a computer to meet with clients, vendors, or suppliers when connecting any computer to a network is so simple.

4. Tablet

2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Space Gray

Click image for more info

Working on a tablet is not a good idea. They’re fantastic for surfing the web, viewing streaming services, reading eBooks, sending quick emails, and playing games, but they’re not great for doing real work. A Microsoft Surface with a true keyboard or an iPad with a keyboard would work, but they’re still small and lack actual processing capability.

5. Mobile Phone

Apple iPhone 12 Pro (512GB, Graphite) [Locked] + Carrier Subscription

Click image for more info

A mobile phone, like a tablet, is not a decent computer for working on. It is, nonetheless, an essential piece of office equipment for communications.

Computer Accessories

6. Monitor Stand

BoYata Monitor Stand, Adjustable Monitor Riser Metal Computer Stand Compatible with TV, PC, Laptop, Computer, iMac, and All Screen Display-Black

Click image for more info

I’m a huge believer in good functioning body alignment. Because I’m tall, I require my monitors to be somewhat raised so that I can look straight ahead rather than angling downward, which can cause tech-neck.

A monitor stand isn’t required for everyone. Furthermore, some monitors include a stand that raises them slightly. I recommend trying the monitor without a stand and then getting one if you realize you need to look slightly downward.

7. Laptop Stand

Adjustable Laptop Stand,Suturun Portable Laptop Computer Stand Rriser&Multi-Angle Stand with Heat-Vent to Elevate Laptop Holder for Mac,Notebook,Lenovo More10-17 Laptop

Click image for more info

I run everything on a laptop, and while I don’t use the laptop monitor very much, I occasionally do. Therefore I prefer it elevated. As a result, I have a dedicated laptop stand.

8. Mouse

Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse for PC with USB Unifying Receiver - Graphite

Click image for more info

A mouse is an essential computer component. While touchscreens are convenient, they cannot replace the efficiency of a mouse.

9. Keyboard

Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac, OMOTON Compact Wireless Keyboard Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro Laptop and PC

Click image for more info

Although most computers come with a keyboard, I believe it is beneficial to have a high-quality keyboard—the flat keys on the Mac keyboard appeal to me. I’m not too fond of the clumsy, heavy keys seen on so many keyboards.

10. Webcam

Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, Ultra 4K HD Video Calling, Noise-Canceling mic, HD Auto Light Correction, Wide Field of View, Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Voice, PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Tablet

Click image for more info

Many laptops come with a built-in webcam that is adequate, but you will need to purchase a separate webcam if you want anything better.

I make screen share video instructions for another website. Thus I needed a better webcam for better footage.

11. Microphone

USB Microphone,FIFINE Metal Condenser Recording Microphone for Laptop MAC or Windows Cardioid Studio Recording Vocals, Voice Overs,Streaming Broadcast and YouTube Videos-K669B

Click image for more info

While many computers include a built-in microphone, the sound quality is poor. You’ll need a good microphone if you’re going to do any audio recording. You can acquire a USB mic for your headset or something more professional.

12. Router

TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX73)- Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, High-Speed ax Router for Streaming, Long Range Coverage

Click image for more info

Trying to run your internet off of some free Wi-Fi is usually not the best choice. Get your own dedicated Wi-Fi network with a router instead, and make sure it’s adequately secured. It’s a good idea to hire a tech specialist to network your office if you have multiple people working there. I work in a shared office space, and my landlord has an IT man who handles all networking.

Business Machines

Investing in a three-in-one business machine that prints, photocopies, and scans are one option. These machines are substantial and costly.

This is a must-have piece of workplace equipment if you produce a lot of documents. This is at my office (shared office arrangement), and while I don’t produce a lot of paperwork, it’s a fantastic machine when I do.

If you don’t use a lot of printing, scanning, or photocopying, though, buying lower-cost individual options is an excellent idea.

13. Printer

HP DeskJet 4155e All-in-One Wireless Color Printer, with bonus 6 months free Instant Ink with HP+ (26Q90A)

Click image for more info

The printer is fantastic and much-needed office equipment.  Over the years, I’ve purchased a variety of printers, but the best is a simple $200 laser printer that does not print in color. It’s a hard worker. We’ve had our current one for a long time, and it’s fantastic. In fact, every office with a business machine should have at least one of them if the primary printer fails.

14. Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1400 Simple One-Touch Button Document Scanner for Mac or PC, Black

Click image for more info

Scanning is almost a must-have chore these days since many businesses digital everything. Thus, you’ll need a scanner at your office. If you scan seldom, you can get away with going to Staples and having them do it for you, but you’ll get tired of it quickly.

The cost of scanners varies depending on how much scanning you conduct. You’ll need a high-speed scanner if you scan huge documents on a regular basis. If you only need to scan a few documents every now and again, a simple, low-cost scanner will suffice.

15. Photocopy Machine

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, Multifunction Printer and Copier, DCP-L5500DN, Flexible Network Connectivity, Duplex Printing, Mobile Printing & Scanning, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready

Click image for more info

In my experience, small individual photocopiers aren’t particularly good, but they’ll get the job done. It’s recommended to invest in a large upright business machine if you photocopy in huge quantities.

Office Furniture

You’ll need some furnishings unless you’re just you and your laptop. You should have a desk and a chair as a bare minimum. Of course, there’s a lot more to choose from.

Here’s a list of things to think about:

16. Office Desk

Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Computer Office Desk, Corner Gaming Desk with Monitor Stand, Home Office Study Writing Table Workstation for Small Spaces

Click image for more info

There are many different types of desks to pick from. To accommodate several monitors, I prefer large desk surfaces. From small single-computer workstations to large office furniture systems, you have a lot of options.

17. Office Chair

Office Chair Computer High Back Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair Executive PU Leather Swivel Task Chair with Armrests Lumbar Support (Black)

Click image for more info

Because I want to be comfortable and sit ergonomically, I spent the most money on my workplace chair. The Herman Miller Aeron chair was my choice, although there are plenty more office chair possibilities. I confess that the Herman Miller chair isn’t the most attractive, but I chose from the above utility in this situation.

18. Filing Cabinet

Hirsh 22-in Deep 3 Drawer - Letter Width - Vertical Metal File Cabinet - Black - Commercial Grade - Fully Assembled

Click image for more info

While I don’t have a lot of paperwork to file, I have some accounting and legal documents that I need to keep for a few years, so I purchased a tiny filing cabinet. Some firms require rows upon rows of filing cabinets, while others, such as mine, may get by with a single, little two-drawer filing cabinet.

19. Bookcase

FURINNO JAYA Simply Home 5-Shelf Bookcase, 5-Tier, Espresso

Click image for more info

While not required, they can help brighten up your office and provide a place to keep items such as books (go figure). I have a wonderful Structube floor-to-ceiling bookcase.

20. Sofa

Amazon Brand – Rivet Brooke Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Tufted Velvet Sofa Couch, 82"W, Teal

Click image for more info

A sofa isn’t necessary, but it’s a nice addition to any office if you have the space and money. I’d wanted a little sofa for a long time and eventually purchased one.

21. Chairs and Table for Meetings

GOF 6FT, 8FT, 10FT Conference Table Chair Set, Artisan Grey, Cherry, Espresso, Mahogany, Walnut (10FT with 8 Chairs, Artisan Grey)

Click image for more info

If you have clients in your office, it can be difficult to meet with them at desks with computers these days, so a little side table with seats can be a nice addition.

22. Lighting

Industrial Table Lamp with 2 USB Ports,Fully Stepless Dimmable Vintage Nightstand Desk Lamp, Seeded Glass Shade Bedside Reading Lamp for Bedroom,6W 2700K LED Bulb Included

Click image for more info

Lighting is crucial in any office. Ceiling lighting is standard in most offices, but you can supplement it with desk lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. Dimmable recessed lighting is my favorite if you have the option of choosing ceiling lighting. You’ll need a lighting kit if you do any kind of multi-media work.

23. Wall Art

World Map Wall Art, Home Decor, Push Pin Map, Wood Map, Map of the World, Travel Push Pin Map, Personalized Map, Wooden World Map

Click image for more info

While we work hard in our offices, there’s no reason you can’t spice things up with some canvas wall art. It’s good to be able to work in a pleasant place. I purchased a large map to hang on the wall. You may also include plants, side tables, a rug, and pretty much everything else that spruces up a home into an office.

24. Mini-Bar

Ecoprsio Wine Rack Table, Industrial Bar Cabinet with Wine Rack and Glass Holder Vintage Liquor Cabinet with Storage for Bar, Buffet, Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Rustic Brown

Click image for more info

If you entertain customers, it might be worth installing a mini-bar stocked with scotch, vodka, rum, and other libations à la Mad Men. A little wine or beer can go a long way. While drinking in the office is no longer acceptable, it is not entirely forbidden.

25. Telephone

AT&T CL4940 Corded Standard Phone with Answering System and Backlit Display, White

Click image for more info

I have a phone that came with my office lease, but it isn’t connected to the internet. My business is run entirely on my phone. But I don’t receive many calls then. In my office, I don’t have any staff (they work remotely). As a result, I don’t need a landline phone.

On the other hand, a landline is essential if you run a firm that receives a lot of calls. Mobile phones are great, but the sound quality, crispness, and consistency aren’t quite as good as a landline. Furthermore, you may acquire some complex alternatives with today’s landline phones, such as numerous lines, speakerphones, and so on.

26. Shredder

Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Capacity, Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder, 4.1 Gallon

Click image for more info

I don’t have a shredder because I have a service that shreds my documents once a year. Rather than shredding their own records, an increasing number of organizations are electing to utilize a shredding service a few times a year. Shredding takes time, and a tiny machine won’t be enough if you have a lot of documents to shred. The commercial shredders can shred mountains of paper very quickly, and are able to recycle it the right way.

The one and the only disadvantage of employing a professional shredding service is that you must keep your documents until they arrive. If you’re a paper-intensive business, you end up paying for storage space which can get costly (or it’s a hassle moving it all to cheaper storage spaces such as a storage locker). If, however, you don’t shred much but need to do so once in a while, a small office shredder will do the job. Many home offices can get by with this.

Stationery and Office Supplies

While we’re kind of paperless, most offices aren’t fully paperless and still require stationery and some basic office supplies.

Here’s a list to help you get started stocking your office, whether a home office or in a commercial space.

27. Paper

Juvale Cotton Paper Stationery with Envelope (8.5 x 11) Ivory

Click image for more info

I still have a stack of legal pads in my office. Sometimes, I find it helpful to make notes with pen and paper. I also have a box of envelopes for the rare instances where I must mail something. Many businesses such as law firms, banks, insurance companies, financial businesses send out snail mail to customers and clients. In this case, you need proper letterhead and envelopes. If you print, you should buy two to three feet of printer paper.

28. Envelopes and Shipping Boxes

RLAVBL Shipping Boxes 9x6x4 Set of 25, White Corrugated Cardboard Box

Click image for more info

If you send out snail mail and/or ship stuff, have a variety of envelopes on hand as well as boxes for shipping. Packing material is useful when you have to send out delicate items like a Fabergé egg.

29. Notepads

Amazon Basics Narrow Ruled 5 x 8-Inch Writing Pad - White (50 Sheet Paper Pads, 12 pack)

Click image for more info

If you have got employees in your office, it’s a good idea to outfit them with notepads for taking phone messages or scribbling down notes.

I always have a notepad next to me just in case I need to jot something down. It’s old school but handy.

30. Business Cards

Custom Printed Business Cards - Thick Sturdy Stock 300GSM - 3.5" x 2" - 100% Made in the U.S.A. (Ocean Blue, 100)

Click image for more info

I’m embarrassed to say, but I don’t yet have business cards yet have been in business for 7 years. I don’t really need them, but most businesses do.

31. Stamps

Barn Postcard Forever Postage Stamps Sheet of 20 US Postal First Class American History Wedding Celebration Anniversary (20 Stamps).New

Click image for more info

If you mail the odd letter, a roll of stamps will do. If you send out stacks of mail daily, get a postage machine that you can load up with funds as needed.

32. Letter Scale

ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital Shipping Postal Scale with Ac Adapter, Silver

Click image for more info

If you send out snail mail regularly, it’s handy to have a scale to weigh correspondence, so you know exactly how much postage to apply.

33. Label Printer

Brother P-touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker, One-Touch Keys, Multiple Font Styles, 27 User-Friendly Templates, White

Click image for more info

If you send out snail mail daily, it’s worth investing in a label printer that makes it easier to print envelopes. While most photocopiers can be configured to print on envelopes, you might find it easier and faster to print on labels.

Office Supplies

I bought a lot of office materials when I just remodeled my office. You can purchase a variety of items to decorate your workplace. Take a stroll around Staples’ aisles, and you’ll find yourself with armfuls of things you think you’ll need.

34. Pencils and Pens

uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens, Medium Point, Black, Box of 12

Click image for more info

I don’t use pens very often, but I like to use decent pens when I do.

Uni-ball pens are my favorite.

35. Paperclips, Staplers, and Other Clips

PlanningNinja 300 pcs Paper Clips, Binder Clips, Stapler & staples, Rubber Bands, Paper Clamps in Assorted Sizes & colors in clear compartment stationary set box - Home, School or Uni, Office Supplies

Click image for more info

While I don’t have a lot of paper, I like to organize what I have with clips and paper clips. It makes life easier and prevents vital documents from being misplaced. Every office should have a clipboard basket.

36. Scissors

Scissors, iBayam 8" Multipurpose Scissors Bulk 3-Pack, Ultra Sharp Blade Shears, Comfort-Grip Handles, Sturdy Sharp Scissors for Office Home School Sewing Fabric Craft Supplies, Right/Left Handed

Click image for more info

Scissors are an indispensable office tool, primarily for opening boxes.

I despise attempting to open tape-sealed boxes.

37. 3-Hole Punch

Bostitch Office EZ Squeeze 20 Sheet Standard 3 Hole Punch, Metal Construction, Silver/Black (HP20)

Click image for more info

If you keep your documents in binders, you’ll need a reliable 3-hole punch.

38. Batteries

Energizer MAX AA Batteries & AAA Batteries Combo Pack, 24 Double AA Batteries and 24 Triple AAA Batteries (48 Count)

Click image for more info

I keep a box or two of AA batteries on hand for my mouse and other office devices. Nothing is more frustrating than having your mouse battery die and having none on hand.

39. Binders

Cardinal 1.5 Inch 3 Ring Binder, D Ring, Assorted, Black, Red, Blue, Green 4 Pack, Holds 375 Sheets (29300)

Click image for more info

Fortunately, I don’t need binders, although many firms still use binders to organize and keep documents. If this is the case, having some binder inventory on hand is a good idea.

40. Tape

Scotch Magic Tape, 6 Rolls, Numerous Applications, Invisible, Engineered for Repairing, 3/4 x 650 Inches, Boxed (6122)

Click image for more info

Tape isn’t something you’ll use frequently, but it’s handy to have on hand when you do.

41. Paper trays

Officemate OIC Achieva Side Load Letter Tray, Recycled, Black, 6 Pack (26212)

Click image for more info

Organizational knickknacks are popular, and paper trays are one of them. You’re familiar with the famed in and out trays, which accumulate a big stack of odd documents over time.

42. Whiteboard

VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board, 36 X 24 Inches, Silver Aluminium Frame

Click image for more info

I purchased a whiteboard and hung it on the wall because it is useful for scribbling to-do lists and other items that I need to see immediately.

Next to me is a man who has a massive 5′ by 3′ whiteboard on his wall covered with various lists. In a workplace, a whiteboard may be really useful. You’ll enjoy it – give it a try.

Things to Get You Through the Day

43. Coffee Maker

GE Drip Coffee Maker With Timer | 12-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Pot With Warming Plate | Adjustable Brew Strength | Wide Shower Head for Maximum Flavor | Kitchen Essentials | Stainless Steel

Click image for more info

I’m lucky that our office sharing space includes free coffee and a coffee maker (which I don’t have to deal with), but if you’re not so fortunate, save a lot of money by getting a tiny coffee maker instead of $5 Starbucks beverages.

44. Coaster and Mug

Abbey Gift Blue (Abbey & CA Gift) Amazing Woman Mug & Coaster Set, 2 Piece

Click image for more info

Obviously, you’ll need a cup to hold your hot beverages, so go out and get a cute mug with a coaster.

45. Headphones for Music

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 40 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone - Black (Latest Model)

Click image for more info

I subscribe to Apple Music, which is fantastic for listening to music at work. Another good choice is Apple Podcasts. If you work in an office with other people, you’ll most likely want headphones, so you don’t annoy them with your Metallica listening.

46. Photographs

MBC MAT BOARD CENTER, 5x7 Triple Frame with Real Glass - Displays Three 5x7 Pictures or Photograph Vertically on Desktop (Black, 1-Pack)

Click image for more info

The majority of my bookcase is devoted to displaying artwork created by my two young sons. It reminds me of them and adds a beautiful touch to the room. Photos of family and friends are another excellent alternative for keeping in mind loved ones while working in the salt mines.

47. Mini-Fridge

BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, 1.7 Cubic Feet, Black

Click image for more info

Again, my shared office space includes a kitchen with a refrigerator.

If your office doesn’t have a refrigerator, a mini-fridge can be beneficial for storing beverages and lunch (like yesterday night’s meatloaf).

Office Equipment That is No Longer Necessary

You could have some of the items listed below, but they were once-essential items that have since been supplanted by modern technology.


Manual Typewriter black

Click image for more info

Actually, typewriters are making a comeback, but it’s more for authors than for offices.


2022 Calendar - 12 Monthly Wall Calendar with Thick Paper, Jan. 2022 - Dec. 2022, 15" x 11.5", Twin-Wire Binding + Hanging Hook + Large Unruled Blocks with Julian Dates - Floral

Click image for more info

Although we use an actual paper calendar at home to schedule everything, I use a Google calendar at work. Most offices, I believe, rely on digital calendars that can be shared, integrated with mobile devices, send out reminders, and do a lot more than a traditional paper calendar.

Fax Machine

Brother FAX-2840 High Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine, Dark/light gray - FAX2840

Click image for more info

The fax machine reminds me of DVDs. It served as a bridge between ancient and new technology. The fax machine served as a link between snail mail and email.


Amazon Basics LCD 8-Digit Desktop Calculator, Black - 1 Pack

Click image for more info

A calculator is found on almost every mobile device. When you Google “calculator,” one appears out of nowhere. We all have calculators at our fingertips, so having one at your office isn’t necessary.


DDAJJAJ Cute Ashtrays for Cigarettes Smokeless Ash Tray with Stainless Steel Liner Windproof Wooden Ashtray with Lid for Home Office Tabletop Outside Patio

Click image for more info

Ashtrays were prevalent in offices 40 years ago, precisely like the Mad Men ad agency. Because smoking is no longer permitted in offices, the ubiquitous ashtray has become obsolete.

Other Out-of-Date Office Supplies

In fact, most of what I wrote could be outdated and is still in use in many organizations. Anything that uses paper (printer, filing cabinets, binders, etc.) is becoming obsolete as some offices go paperless.

However, until computers reached critical mass, the paperless office never fully materialized to the predicted extent.