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Have Exposed Pipes? This is what you should do

Exposed pipes can be styled in a variety of ways. Rather than attempting to conceal exposed pipes, showcase them with these 14 creative ways to make the exposed pipes in your home look fashionable, regardless of where they are.

Ceiling pipes, air ducts, plumbing lines, and electrical pipes are all necessary for our homes’ power, cooling, heating, and drainage systems to function properly. But, let’s be honest and face it – They’re a blight on the landscape. Exposed pipes wreak havoc on our interiors and make our homes appear run-down. They are a nuisance and detract from our eye-catching décor.

We frequently invest in fake ceilings, cabinet design, and, in certain cases, the demolition and reconstruction of walls, all to ensure that exposed pipes are buried deep within our homes. These methods, as effective as they are, necessitate a significant financial and time investment. Furthermore, you must locate experienced professionals that will charge you a high amount for their services (uh-oh).

What if you don’t have the financial means to do so? Does this imply you’ll have to put up with dingy drawing rooms and dingy bathrooms for the rest of your life?

Not any longer!

Continue reading to learn about five inexpensive but creative solutions to conceal your exposed pipes.

Make Your Pipes Look Retro-Stylish

This is a living room with exposed pipes.

When in doubt, go for industrial style, retro, rustic, or classic, and show off those pipes! To make the exposed pipes stand out, you’ll need to use a lot of color coordination. For example, a killer combination is earthy flooring and neutral walls with black or metallic copper pipes. Your living room will look fantastic with vintage furniture, a bright carpet, and possibly a few antiquities or elegant potted plants. You can get some ideas from this decor, which is one of our favorites.

Use Wood Pipe Wrapping to Decorate Exposed Pipes

NIUBID 28 Inche Industrial Pipe Table Legs Set, Iron-Cast Finish Piping for Wooden Computer Desk, Office, Home, Rustic Furniture for DIY Decor with 6-Inch Monitor Shelf Support

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Both the wood pipe wrapping and the optional pipe or post table are available for purchase.

Take a look at these options:

Option 1: Pipe cover made out of wood

Option 2: Pole or pipe table

3. Creative Pole and Pipe Covers

Frost King F17XAD Pre-Slit Tubular Fiberglass Cover with self-Sealing Jackets (Bulk) for 3" Pipes

Click image for more info

Option 1: Wood

Option 2: Stone

Option 3: Adhesive

Choose an adhesive option if making a pipe cover or wrap isn’t your thing or is above your ability level.

4. Place or Build a Bookshelf to Cover the Pipes

Industrial Pipe Shelving Bookshelf Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Storage Shelf 4-Tier Retro Wall Mount Pipe Design DIY Shelving (32in)

Click image for more info

Not only does placing a bookshelf in front of the exposed pipes provide adequate storage space for your paperback copies, but it also opens up the exciting option of employing industrial plumbing to make your library look sophisticated and exquisite.

5. Make Use of Modular Components

This is the Kids Play Pack 50 Mixed Blocks from Everblocksystems.

Source: Everblocksystems

You can simply conceal plumbing pipes or other exposed pipes in your home with Everblocksystems modular blocks. You can not only hide the pipes, but you can also probably do so in a method that gets you something helpful in the process. You can simply disguise or conceal your exposed pipes with a little creativity.

While this is a room divider, the point is that modular building blocks may easily be used to disguise exposed piping, especially if it runs along a wall.

6. Use Plants to Disguise Unsightly Pipes

One 5 foot Artificial Silk Bird of Paradise Palm Tree Potted Plant

Click image for more info

You can buy fat, tall, slim, or leafy plants, etc., – almost any shape or size, and then use them to hide pipework. You can even use vines to both beautify and conceal.

7. Use a Sink Skirt to Conceal the Pipes Beneath the Sink

DI Home & Style Fabric Print 100% Polyester Sink Skirt Black Diamond

Click image for more info

Pipes under the sink are usually a nuisance, especially if your bathroom or kitchen is attractively decorated. Why don’t you put them under a sink skirt and hide them? It’s critical to pick the proper fabric and color for your skirt. You can choose to blend in or stand out; both options are effective. Custom skirts are available in a variety of styles on Amazon, eBay, and other shopping sites, so you might want to have a look at those as well.

8. Tie a Rope Across Your Bathroom Pipes

100 Feet 5mm Jute Twine, Heavy Duty Jute Rope, Natural Hemp Rope for DIY Arts Crafts, Gardening, Bundling,Home Decorating, Cat Scratching Post

Click image for more info

Going rustic with wooden walls, earthy tones, and rope-wrapped exposed water pipes is a fantastic way to decorate your bathroom. You can use a variety of ropes, including varying thicknesses, colors, and textures. A basic wrap or anything more ornamental can also be done. The design is not only pleasing to the eye but also relaxing. Consider what a wonderful hot shower in this bathroom would do for your soul, particularly after a tough day at work.

9. Consider Buying Steel Pipes

Supply Giant OQCB1200 1/2 Inch Assortment, Malleable Threaded Nipples Steel Pipe Fittings For All Your DIY Vintage Shelving Projects, (Includes 6 Of Each size, 1-6 Inches 66 Pieces in total), Black

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Yes, steel pipes are pricey, but they also add opulence to your bathroom. If you combine steel pipes with a neoclassical interior decoration design, you’ll never have to worry about your bathroom modeling going out of style. Steel pipes are timeless and elegant and may be found practically anywhere, including under the kitchen sink, the laundry room, and even the basement.

They also have other advantages such as strength, durability, and little corrosion, so this is an investment you’ll keep for a long time!

10. Paint Pipes Bright

Acrylic Paint Set for Kids, Artists and Adults - 12 Vibrant Colors, 6 Brushes and 3 Paint Canvases - Perfect for Beginners or Professionals

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We’ve talked about painting pipes before, but this time there’s a twist.

Make “painting pipes” a Christmas project for your children. Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity, and watch them come up with amazing solutions. You may not have an exhibition worthy of art, but it will undoubtedly be charming. Furthermore, you will spend quality time with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. Alternatively, copper can be used. Copper pipes appear to be rather attractive. Silver has the same properties. Why not give them a new lease on life by painting them silver or copper?

11. Wrap Sink Pipes in Design Tape

60 Rolls Glitter Washi Tape Set, Washi Masking Decorative Tapes for Christmas DIY Decor Planners Scrapbooking Adhesive School/Party Supplies

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Washi tape may transform your exposed pipes into a work of beauty. These ornamental tapes may alter the décor of your bathroom from drab to spectacular and can be found at local stores for very low prices.

12. Colorful Insulation Tape to the Rescue

3M Scotch #35 Electrical Tape, Multi-Color Value Pack (10457NA), 5 Rolls

Click image for more info

Yes, absolutely!

Electric cables must never be exposed. Insulation tape must be used to cover them completely. However, you don’t have to use the same old white or black insulation tape all of the time.

Amazon and eBay provide a range of printed and brightly colored tapes for sale at reasonable prices. Keeping the ambiance of your home in mind, you can choose the color that best complements it.

13. Cover Exposed Pipes with Artificial Foliage

Cypress Topiary Ball - 19" Artificial Topiary Plant - Wedding Decor - Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Plant Ball - Topiary Tree Substitute (2, Cypress)

Click image for more info

This is a fantastic way to add a tropical atmosphere to your home. Fake vegetation is a quick and easy way to hide exposed pipes that are harming your home’s decor. Invest in climbers and creepers if you can tolerate actual foliage. They do take some time to prune, water, and condition, but trust us when we say they look unique!

For actual leaves, a flowering creeper or a money plant would be excellent.

14. Use Exposed Pipes to Make Candy Canes

These are pipes decorated with colorful tape.

Do you feel intrigued? We had a feeling you’d be. You can turn PVC duct pipes into candies if they become visible suddenly in your drawing room or sitting area.

Take a look at this image, for example. The concept is fantastic, it requires very little effort, and it may instantly improve the look of your home. Wrap red tape around the pipe in bands after painting it white. Drill holes in each white band, then wrap a lace ribbon around the candy.

Do you have any more inventive ideas for concealing (or making use of) exposed pipes? Are there any more elegant pipe designs that you think would look great in your home? Why don’t you post them below in the comments section? We would be ecstatic to hear from you!