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Standard Dimensions For All Types Of Sofas

Here are four charts that show the right sofa dimensions for two, three, four, and five persons. This is a wonderful short article and set of diagrams to check if you need a couch big enough for a particular number of people.

What is the maximum number of persons that a sofa can accommodate? When purchasing a couch, this is a crucial consideration. Of course, the size of the sofa varies depending on whether it’s for children or adults, but there are standard proportions for sofas that seat 2, 3, 4, or 5 people.

We’ve included a series of tables and images below that show you the right couch measurements based on the number of people you’ll be seating.

Overview of Sofa Dimensions

This is a simple living room with a large gray sofa.

When determining how many people can sit on a sofa, the breadth of the seating space is the most important factor to consider.

  • Seating width for a 2-person sofa is 50 inches (does not include the width of the arms).
  • Sitting width for a 3-person sofa (not including arms) is 78 inches
  • Seating width for a 4-person sofa (not including sofa arms) is 90 inches
  • Seating width for a 5-person sofa is 108 inches (not including couch arms).
  • Couch seat height: 18 inches (this might vary. However, 18′′ is a normal sofa seat height).
  • Sofa seat depth: roughly 24 inches to 28 inches.
  • Sofa back height varies greatly depending on the type of sofa.
  • Total sofa width: This, too, varies depending on the arm width.

Dimensions of a Sofa for Two People

AILEEKISS Mid-Century Loveseat Faux Leather Sofa Couch with Armrest for Two People Modern 2 Seater Sofa for Living Room (2-Seater, Black)

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Below is a detailed diagram displaying all of the various measurements of a two-seater sofa:

The sitting space of the two-person sofa is roughly 25 inches per person.

Dimensions of a Sofa for Three People

Yaheetech Sofa for Living Room 3-Seater Sofa Couch with Tufted Back Cushion, Linen Fabric Upholstered Couch 78.5’’ W Contemporary Mid-Century Sofa Gray

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Below is a detailed diagram depicting all of the essential dimensions of a three-person sofa:

A three-person sofa has a seating width of 78 inches or 26 inches per person.

Dimensions of a Sofa for Four People

TEQIN 4-Seater Sofa Spring + Sponge Modern Sofa with Roll Arm Nail Head Decoration Modular Sofa for Living Room Space Black

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The crucial couch measurements for seating up to four people are shown in detail in this example.

A four-person sofa has a seating surface of approximately 90 inches wide, or 22.5 inches per person. This, too, is subject to change.

Dimensions of a Sofa for 5 People

Our final bespoke diagram depicts the measurements of a five-person sofa.