three people sitting on colorful bean bag chairs

Recliner Or Bean Bag

I never thought outfitting your own home can be this challenging. To my surprise, the seating is a huge factor in creating the right ambience. You have to decide if you’re going for a classic look with a recliner or a livelier environment with a flashy bean bag.

If you like a conventional armchair, you should consider purchasing a recliner. A bean bag chair is a great option if you want seating that encourages a little bit of play and sociability.

These two styles of furniture are very different. Before you spend your money, you should understand all there is to know about them.

What Is The Definition of a Recliner?

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One of the oldest varieties of armchairs on the market is the recliner. For years, it has been popular in living rooms, and the numerous forms and patterns have kept up with changing preferences. A recliner is a kind of armchair that has a front piece and a backrest. It reclines as the former is raised and the latter is lowered.

The chair is intended to allow you to completely extend your body while sitting on it.

What Is The Definition of a Bean Bag Chair?

three people sitting on colorful bean bag chairs

A bean bag chair is a product of 1960s radicalism, which, while mostly forgotten by the general public, extended well beyond art and politics to include interior design (more of this below). The bean bag chair, also known as the Sacco chair, is made out of a large sack that is filled with beads and moulded into various shapes.

The chair is made to fit the form of the person sitting in it—or, more precisely, the portions of their body that are in it. Bean bags provide pleasant shifting and variety instead of the rigidity and solidity of a traditional chair.

Recliners and Bean Bags Have a Variety of Features

A complete collection of chair and bean bag styles and models is impossible to compile. Simply put, there are just too many of them. The following is a rundown of the main characteristics of each kind of furniture, as well as the most popular styles on the market.

More About Recliners

A recliner is made up of three parts: a headrest, a footrest, and a backrest. You may purchase extra accessories to increase your comfort. The lumbar support pillow, which is meant to adjust to the natural curve of the back, is a popular choice.

If you suffer lower back pain—which virtually everyone does at some point—a lumbar support cushion may provide you with the alleviation you need. A recliner with a massage and heating function is also available.

On days when your back is particularly bothersome, these recliners transform the backrest into a type of heating pad that may relax and mend it. Heated recliners with more modern technology can vibrate to provide even more relaxation and comfort.

A manual or motorized recliner is available. Some manual recliners need you to lie back in the reclining position and extend the footrest by using your body weight. Others let you recline simply by pushing a side lever.

Electric motor power powered chairs. A switch on the armrest or side of the chair is pressed to put you in a reclined posture.

Design of Recliners

The following are the most common recliner designs:

The Recliner with Two Positiona leather recliner with a footrest
The most popular recliner on the market is still this one. It has two positions, as the name implies: upright and reclining. The recliner is usually adjusted manually, either with your bodyweight or a lever on the side. There are, however, two-position motorized recliners.

Recliner Rockerwoman seated on a reclinerAs the name implies, this recliner may also be utilized as a rocking chair. If you have trouble falling asleep in bed, try spending a few hours in this chair before going to bed. Nursing moms like the armchair since it helps to soothe their newborns during feeding time.

Recliner that Swivelsa swiveling recliner
This chair has a circular base that allows the occupant to rotate around to converse with and connect with others. With this armchair, you can both rest and participate in the conversation in the living room.

Lifting Reclinera lift recliner with grey cushion
Recliners are popular among the elderly because they are beneficial to them. The problem is that although it may be simple for them to sit in such a chair, getting back up is not necessarily that simple. A lift recliner is an excellent choice. It has a mechanism that raises the chair from a level position to an upright position. Anyone with knee, leg or hip difficulties will find it simple to get back on their feet.

Bean Bags as a Whole

A designed cover and bean-type stuffing make up bean bag chairs. That’s all they’re good for!

In the next part, we’ll go through the most common designs. We’ll concentrate on the various fillers that may be used within the bag. Understanding the different “beans” can assist you in determining which is ideal for your property.

Let’s get started.

Beads Made of EPS
Expanded polystyrene, or EPS, is used to fill most bean bags. The latter is a similar-looking hard-celled material to Styrofoam. It’s light yet strong enough to keep its shape.
The EPS beads used in bean bags are heat and moisture resistant and contain 98 per cent air. Although not biodegradable, EPS beads may be reused and repurposed. Many individuals utilize outdated beads for arts and crafts and DIY projects around the house.

Beads Made of EPP
Bean bags are also filled with expanded polypropylene (EPP). EPP foam is a tough and long-lasting material. Perhaps the most appealing feature of EPP beads is that they can be seated repeatedly without losing their cushioning properties. Another advantage of these beads is that their odor is not as intense as that of EPS beads. The disadvantage of EPP beads is that they are flammable.

Foam that has been Compressed
This is a very new sort of substance for bean bag filling. Compressed foam, often known as memory foam, is a form of polyurethane. This form of filler has the advantage of making bean bag chairs simpler to carry since they can be compressed to roughly a fourth of their original size during transportation.

Fillers Made from Natural Materials
When bean bags were initially introduced, they were actually stuffed with dried beans, grains, and crops. The above-mentioned synthetic fillers gradually took their place. Due to the organic trend, natural fillers have lately made a return.

Keep an eye on the beans!

It’s also worth noting that bean bag filler is made up of tiny, light things. Tears and breaches occur, and beads fall out, despite the fact that most coverings are robust and tough. If ingested or breathed, they represent a major threat to children.

As a result, you should make sure the bean bag you buy is double stitched. A parental locking mechanism or a detachable zipper handle should be included in the bean bag zipper.

Designing Bean Bags

In the following popular categories, there is no scarcity of bean bag chair types and designs:

Roundwoman sitting on a round bean bag chair

Round bean bag chairs may be utilized in almost every part of the house, including the living room, bedroom, and entertainment room. They are quite comfy and provide excellent back and arm support.

Squarea blue square bean bag chair

These chairs feature backrests and armrests, making them comparable to traditional armchairs.

Bodyman sitting on a body bean bag

The majority of bean bag chairs are designed to be seated on. Some, on the other hand, are made to be laid on. Body chairs are usually quite lengthy and may accommodate a group of people or a single individual who lies down.

Chairs with a Twista bean bag chair that looks like a soccer ball

Bean bag seats like this are best suited for kids. Airplanes, turtles, sharks, footballs, and other motifs are common themes for novelty bean bag seats.

Recliners and Bean Bags: The Most Common Materials

For Recliner Chairs

a two-position recliner

The most common material utilized in recliners is leather. Leather’s look and texture give whatever piece of furniture it’s made of personality. You may choose between natural and synthetic leather. Genuine and bonded leathers are available under the natural leather category. Animal hide is used for the former. It’s a robust, long-lasting textile that’s stain and tear-resistant. Bonded leather is manufactured from reclaimed leather.

Polyurethane, a pliable and lightweight material, is used to make most imitation leather recliners. Vinyl, which is made up of polymers, fillers, and other additives, is used in various reclining armchairs. Vinyl leather is non-recyclable and non-biodegradable.

It’s entirely OK to dislike leather. Some individuals find it to be extremely heavy, loud, and confining. Fabrics that are lighter and more breathable are preferred by them.

The most common natural fabric used in recliners is cotton. It’s light and airy, yet it fades and wrinkles with time.

Wool is another common choice. Wool recliners are popular among those who live in chilly climates. Wool has the disadvantage of being difficult to clean and attracting moths, which chew away at the fabric.

Linen may also be used. This is a moth-resistant, smooth, soft, and durable fabric.

You may also choose from synthetic textiles. Polyester, acrylic, and microfiber are all options. By far the most common form of synthetic upholstery is the final one. Microfiber is water and stain-resistant, making it ideal for recliners in families with children.


For Bean Bags 

leather bean bag chairs

The materials used to produce bean bag chairs—that is, the outer covering—also differ. Bean bag chair covers come in a variety of materials, including leather, faux leather, and cotton. Another popular fabric is corduroy. This material is soft, durable, and comfy.

Bean bags in faux suede and faux fur are also available. These are made to resemble the actual item in appearance and feel. They’re simple to clean, stain-resistant, and need little upkeep.

Fake suede is a velvety material that will keep you warm in the cold. You may choose artificial fur with animal patterns or in a single hue. Both faux fur and faux suede are fire-resistant materials.

Bean bag chairs that are ideal for outdoor usage may be purchased. In this case, you’ll need a chair made of outdoor fabric. The latter is constructed of a soft, water-resistant, UV-resistant material that will not be harmed by the sun or rain.

High-end woven fabric is used to create luxury chenille bean bag chairs. This material is best for chairs that will be used mostly by adults, since it lends a touch of class to the bag and the living environment.

Bean bag chairs with fancy velvet covers are also available. These are the pinnacle of elegance and grandeur, and are often seen in houses with custom-built bars and lounges.

Recliners and Bean Bags’ Longevity

a person cleaning a microfibre sofa

The most luxurious chairs are pricey. However, rather than being considered transient home products, they are the sorts of furniture that should be considered investments. You will return in the luxury and comfort that they bring. You want them to endure as long as possible, which is why you should think about durability when purchasing a recliner or glider.

Recliners endure roughly 10 years, or even longer if they’re from a high-end brand and aren’t used too often. The lifespan of a powered recliner is less than that of a standard recliner. It will sputter out far before the ten-year milestone, thanks to the engine that moved it.

Then you have the option of purchasing and having a new motor installed, or purchasing a new chair. Purchasing and installing a new motor is sometimes more costly than purchasing a new motorized chair.

A leather chair, particularly one made of animal skin, is the most durable.

Beanbag chairs are long-lasting, although not as long as recliners. Your chair should last at least three years, but it might last up to four or five. When your bean bag flattens, you’ll know it’s had it. There are, however, methods to avoid this.

The easiest method to keep your bean bag from flattening is to utilize it correctly. Bean bag chairs should not be stepped on or jumped on. Your bean bag chair will survive longer if you have youngsters in the family and can keep them from doing these things.

You may also fluff and refill your bean bag. Unzipping the aperture, holding the chair so that none of the beads falls out, and shaking it is the first operation. It’s as simple as putting fresh beads into your bean bag to refill it. Bean bag chair replacement beads may be obtained at retail stores and on the internet.

The Price of a Recliner vs. a Bean Bag

customers choosing covering for their seat

The price of a piece of furniture may play a big role in your decision. The kind of covering utilized and the extras requested determine the cost of both recliners and bean bags. You may spend anywhere from $250 to $5,000 on a chair. A chair that is adequately comfortable should cost no more than $2,000.

Bean bags may be obtained for a fraction of the price. However, this is highly dependent on the bag’s quality. A high-quality bean bag chair of any design should cost no more than $300. In fact, you’ll probably be able to locate what you’re looking for less than $100. Bean bags made of really high-end fabrics, which do exist, may cost thousands of dollars.

The Advantages of a Recliner vs. a Bean Bag Chair

Recliners and bean bag chairs offer a lot of advantages. If you want to employ one or the other in your home, you must first choose the kind of environment you want to create.

The reclining armchair is ideal for certain members of a family. It’s more of a personal than a social piece of furniture. A chair may help you rest and unwind at the end of the day, whether you live alone or with a big family.

The greatest chairs are also great for decorating. They may make your living room or den more elegant and magnificent.

Bean bag chairs are ideal for anyone who want a little variety and fun in their house. Almost every meeting or setting can be made more relaxed with a bean bag chair. When sitting on bean bags, it’s difficult to stay rigid, upset, or austere.

They’re also ideal for children’s seats. If you want to safeguard an expensive or prized couch from the inevitable stains and markings caused by youngsters, go for a bean bag; it will provide them with a more comfortable sitting option.

Historical Fun Facts

Now for some historical interesting tidbits.

Italy is the birthplace of bean bag chairs. They were created in 1969 by the Italian business Zanotta and designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro. Each of the three guys was a designer. During coffee and cigarette breaks, they sat on sacks packed with Styrofoam, according to mythology.

No one knows how they came up with this concept or if they intended for this makeshift sitting to grow become a multibillion-dollar furniture business. In any event, the bean bag’s essential idea has remained constant in the more than 50 years since its inception.

The recliner initially appeared in the mid-nineteenth century. When Louis Napoleon of France was president of the nation from 1848 until 1852, he acquired the first armchair of this sort. The recliner started off as a camp bed that could be converted into a chair or chaise lounge.

The recliner’s creator is unclear, however, academics believe that it was invented during the Second French Republic.

Which is Better: A Recliner or a Bean Bag Chair?

a young girl sitting relaxing on a bean bag chair

Recliners are a common sight in living rooms all around the globe. The armchair’s design and aesthetics have kept up with the changes, and it still has the ability to calm and relax people.

Nonetheless, the bean bag chair is our favorite.

The chair, no matter how modernized, nonetheless evokes feelings of solitude, rigidity, and stolidity. In every chair, there’s a smell of old fogeyism. The sight of a chair brings up images of a person in their golden years, alone and unsociable, always sleeping or glued to the television.

Bean bags provide a unique experience. They have a more youthful, dynamic, fun, and distracting vibe. When you see a bean bag chair, the word “fun” comes to mind. In a room with one or more bean bags, one may picture lots of talks, group games, and general fun.

Bean bag chairs are available in such a wide range of shapes and patterns, as well as a wide selection of materials, that there is something ideal for any area in the home. A recliner, on the other hand, is often reserved for use in the living room or den.

A bean bag chair is suitable for use in the living area, den, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. There are types available that are suited for use on a patio, porch, or other outside space. Bean bags may be just as comfortable and soothing as classic varieties of armchair furniture.

These items are simple to travel due to their small weight. It’s also simple to prevent them from going flat so you don’t have to buy a new one.

However, you will not have to spend a lot of money if you finally need to replace your old bean bag chair with a new one. Bean bag chairs are the ideal piece of furniture to have in your home because of their low cost, comfort, and recreational value.

The ideal lounger is a bean bag. It has a detachable cover that makes it simple to clean. For your children, there are specific bean bags available, as well as a more standard bean bag for visitors.

Make yourself at home. Make an effort to socialize. Have a good time. Take a seat on a bean bag chair.





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