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Standard Dimensions For Different types Of Garages

This blog is all about the conventional garage dimensions and sizes for 1, 2, 3, and 4 vehicle garages. We created graphical diagrams that depict all important parameters, such as width, depth, etc.

I really enjoy having a garage. I didn’t have a garage in the prior three houses I lived in. I now have a two-car garage, which I just adore. I like being able to keep stuff tidy, stay dry and toasty when getting into my car, and have extra storage.

The garage doors are quite narrow, with very little clearance on each side of vehicles (and we don’t have large vehicles) for reasons I don’t understand. A side-view mirror has already been smashed. Fortunately, my new car’s side-view mirrors fold electronically, making it easier to get in and out.

Because of our garage bay entry conundrum, I began to wonder about normal garage proportions. I performed some research and had my incredibly skilled graphic designer create diagrams depicting conventional garage proportions.

Please remember that the following are only suggestions. If you like, you can make them bigger (I would if building a custom garage).

They’re right here.

Dimensions of a 1-Car Garage

This is a one-car garage that has beige walls and an automatic door.

A one-car garage is standard in many townhomes (which are becoming increasingly common). Also, if you have a large property, you might want to add another garage. If that’s the case, knowing the dimensions is useful.

The important measurements are as follows:

  • 9′ garage doorway width
  • 12′ garage interior width
  • 20′ garage depth

On each side of the car, you should have 2.8 feet of clearance if you follow these dimensions.

Dimensions of a 2-Car Garage

This is the interior of a two-car garage.

The two-car garage is the most common. We have one, and I adore it (I’d prefer a four-car garage, but I’m content with what I have).

The important measurements are as follows:

  • 16′ garage doorway width (double door)
  • 18′ garage interior width
  • 20′ garage depth

Dimensions of a 3-Car Garage

This is the interior of a three-car garage.

You’re getting up in the world if you build a three-car garage. As children learn to drive, it’s not uncommon for the family to have three cars, so a three-car garage comes in useful. Alternatively, you may like extra garage storage space.

The important measurements are as follows:

  • 28′ garage interior width
  • 20′ bay depth
  • 16′ garage doorway width (double door)
  • 8′ garage doorway width (single door)

Dimensions of a 4-Car Garage

This is the exterior of a four-car garage.

Only a few houses have a four-car garage. It’s a hallmark of a high-end residence.

The important measurements are as follows:

  • 16′ (each) garage doorway (double door) width
  • 36′ garage interior width
  • 22′ bay depth

TIP: In the house where I lived, the garage had an extra deep area that was perfect for storing bikes. Furthermore, the lofty ceiling allowed for a loft which meant even more storage.

The idea is that if you have the opportunity to create your own garage, think about storage and be creative. Adding 5 to 8 feet to the depth provides a lot of storage and workspace that you’ll enjoy for years.