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23 Home Features Exclusive To Luxury Houses

One of the most enjoyable aspects of luxury homes is discovering what features and luxuries are not available in conventional homes. While not all luxury homes have all of the characteristics listed below, many do. This is a fascinating post on luxury home features and luxuries that aren’t found in everyday homes.

Are you wealthy and planning a lavish home? You may not be wealthy, but you, like many others, like looking at lavish estates.

This post is about luxury home features and luxuries that aren’t found in everyday homes. Enjoy.

1. Swimming Pool

Luxury craftsman home with a large swimming pool.

Pools can be found in even the most basic homes, especially in warm regions, but they are unquestionably a trademark of a luxury home.

2. Size

Multi-level luxury home with large garden.

The majority of luxury homes are vast and spacious, with large rooms and various intriguing areas.

3. Bowling Alley

Luxury home with a bowling alley.

It’s not every day that you come across a home with a bowling alley, but they do exist. I adore bowling but am unsure if I would pay to do so.

4. Home Bar

Home bar with built-in wine rack and an island lined with wooden counter stools.

For most mansions, a home bar, such as the one above, is a wonderful feature. While many ordinary homes include a home bar, giant mansions have bars the size of a local tavern.

5. Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor pool with wainscoted walls, large chandeliers, and a built-in spa.

Although not all luxury homes feature an indoor pool, the majority of those that do are luxury residences.

6. Tennis Court

Tennis court surrounded by towering trees.

Not many houses have a tennis court, but some do. Shows how fond the homeowners are of the game, right?

7. Sports Playing Field

Sports court with tennis and football markings.

Take the tennis court to the next level by converting it into a full-fledged sports court.

8. Home Gym

Home gym with pro equipment.

I enjoy going to the gym, but having a gym like this at home would be ideal for those days when I can’t get to the gym.

9. Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closet with black parquet flooring, built-in vanity, and a round ottoman.

Most luxury homes feature large walk-in closets with dressing rooms. Imagine being able to walk into a closet to choose what you’ll be wearing – well, that sounds very Richie-rich!

10. Wine Cellar

Wine cellar with built-in cubbies under wood plank ceiling.

Why not invest in hundreds of bottles of wine because the wealthy enjoy it? However, you’ll need to invest in a wine cellar to store all of those bottles. It’s not uncommon for wealthy homes to have enormous wine cellars, such as the one shown above.

11. Library

Library with huge built-in bookcases, a blue velvet sectional, and a fireplace.

A library is one of my favorite luxury home features. Even though we live in the digital age, there is something magical about a room with book-lined walls.

12. Home Cinema

Home theater with round back seats and a raised bar.

The majority of higher-end homes now feature a home theatre or media room.

13. Acreage

Luxury home with sweeping lawn graced with huge, mature trees.

While not all mansions have acreage and luxury homes, many magnificent residences have enormous, sweeping properties (i.e., estates).

14. Waterfront

Luxury home with waterfront and a private yacht.

Because no new waterfront is being built, living on the ocean, a lake, or even a river is a pleasant luxury that only a few of us can afford.

15. Game Room

Game room with a large bar and a billiards table over polished hardwood flooring.

The game room is a tribute to the child within us all. Who doesn’t like a game of foosball, ping pong, or pool now and then?

16. Golf Courses

Mediterranean home with a private golf course.

Golf enthusiasts with golf club memberships construct putting greens and even full-fledged golf courses on their houses.

17. Circular Driveway

Mediterranean home with circular driveway bathe in warm lights.

Grand, circular roads that fall at the feet of opulent mansions are my favorite.

18. Massive Garages

Luxury home with multiple garages and a brick driveway.

A luxurious residence necessitates a premium car, which necessitates a parking spot. That’s where some truly cool luxury garages come into play. Garages with enough space for four or more automobiles as well as apartments and/or guest accommodations.

19. Home Offices

Dark home office with wood paneled ceiling and a coffered ceiling adorned with geometric pendants.

There are home offices that are suitable for giants of industry, and then there are home offices that are fit for kings.

20. Fantastic Children’s Stuff

Kids' playground with a treehouse integrated with slide and swings,

The majority of parents who are raising children are cash-strapped due to the high cost of raising children. You must purchase a larger home, pay for clothing, food, activities, vacations, and a variety of other items you never purchased before having children. It’s not every day that parents with young children have millions of dollars to spend on lavish bedrooms and play structures for their children. However, some parents of young children are wealthy and lavishly provide for their children.

21. Huge Rooms

Spacious living room with soaring ceiling and modern furnishings.

Large rooms, notably living rooms, drawing rooms, family rooms, great rooms, and entertainment rooms, are an indication of a luxurious residence.

22. Incredible Dining Rooms in the Formal Style

Formal dining room with red walls, dark wood furnishings, and large windows dressed in classy curtains.

Formal dining rooms are another aspect that distinguishes luxury homes from ordinary beautiful homes.

23. Hotel Lobby-Like Foyers

Grand foyer with parquet flooring and a bifurcated staircase lined with a red, classy carpet.

There’s a reason why they’re called luxury residences. The hotel lobby-style foyers exude the true richness and opulence that these residences are known for.