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The Most Common Dimensions For A Kitchen Island

What are the proportions of a typical kitchen island?

It is dependent on the number of seats available. We conducted research and created unique graphics outlining all of the important dimensions for island size.

When it comes to installing a kitchen island, there are several measurements to consider. The height of the island as well as the distance on all sides, are included in these measurements. Your kitchen aisles should not be too narrow.

To that aim, we created four bespoke kitchen island measurement diagrams, each of which specifies the necessary distances and heights for islands that seat 2, 3, 4, or 6 people. Take a look at the four diagrams that follow.

Standard Dimensions

  • Height of the island: 42′′
  • Depth of the island: 42′′ (with a sink). Without a sink, islands can be made narrower.
  • Length: As shown below, length is the most important dimension that varies depending on the number of seats.
  • Each stool has a 24′′ space.
  • Distance from the surface of kitchen island to the bottom of light over the island (distance from the bottom of the pendant light): 36′′
  • Distance between 2 pendant lights: 30′′
  • Height from the seat of stool to the surface of kitchen island: 12′′
  • Distance from the end of stool to the end of island: 9′′
  • You’ll need at least 30 inches between any point on the island and any other point, such as a cupboard, wall, or appliance, to move around comfortably. The ideal distance is 36″
  • Counter surface to top cabinets: 18′′ (the height of a standard kitchen island is higher than the counter).

Island with 2 Seats and a Sink

Kitchen with white and blue cabinetry and an island with two seating.

A 2-seater island is usually 6 feet long. With a sink, the standard depth is 42′′.

Island with 3 Seats and a Sink

Industrial kitchen with charcoal and wooden cabinetry and an island complemented with three round stools.

A 3-seat island is typically 8 feet long. With a sink, the standard depth is 42′′.

Island with 4 Seats and Sink

Kitchen with wooden cabinetry, marble countertops and backsplash, and an island with four seats.

A four-seat island is typically 10 feet long. With a sink, the standard depth is 42′′.

Island with 6 Seats and a Sink

Modern kitchen with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a 6-seater island topped with cylindrical pendants.

A 6-seat island is typically 14 feet long. The depth is 42 inches.