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The 13 Best Ceiling Light Options For Any Home

A light fixture can make or ruin the look of a room. The proper light fixture should be proportional to the room’s size, offer the lighting you require, and compliment the other design aspects.

Ceiling Lights Mounted on the Ceiling

A ceiling light is perfectly positioned flush to the ceiling or close to the ceiling for medium or large rooms with low ceilings. If you require ambient lighting for a whole room, these fixtures are your best bet.

1. Flush Lights

2-Pack 150W Equivalent LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture 8.5in Modern Dimmable 18W 1260LM Adjustable 3 Color Temperatures 3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K Round Close to Ceiling Light for Kitchen Hallway White

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Flush fixtures are flat ceiling attachments. This is a highly versatile style, and depending on the size of the room you’re looking for, you can easily locate fixtures ranging from 12 to 24 inches wide.

Bathrooms, closets, and hallways all benefit from little flush lights. Because there will be nothing hanging from the ceiling, larger flush fixtures are a safe choice for a child’s bedroom. Rooms with a ceiling height of less than 8 feet look best with flush light fittings. In a room with a higher ceiling, a flush light might create too much empty space.

Flush lights are the most popular light fixtures because they are inconspicuous and offer adequate lighting for any type or size of room, provided that you choose a fixture with a wide enough circle and a bright enough bulb.

2. Semi-Flush Lights

Modern Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light with Clear Glass Shade, Industrial Close to Ceiling Light, Black Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture for Hallway, Bedroom, Dining Room, Entryway, Foyer

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Another popular and adaptable ceiling light fixture is the pendant light. Semi-flush lights hang 4 to 8 inches below the ceiling and look best with 8 to 10 feet ceiling height. The key advantage of semi-flush lighting is the ease with which a light bulb may be replaced. Semi-flush light fixtures are popular in kitchens and small dining rooms, but they can also be used in other rooms. Semi-flush ceiling lights with a diameter of 7 to 23″ are readily available.

If you’re debating whether to go with a flush or semi-flush light fixture, there’s one thing to keep in mind. The light from a flush light fixture will be directed down into the room. This type of light fixture directs light down into the room while also lighting up the ceiling. Not only will a small space appear larger, but your ceiling will appear higher.

3. Recessed Lights

hykolity 12 Pack 6 Inch 5CCT LED Recessed Ceiling Light W/ Junction Box, 2700K-5000K Color Temperature Selectable, CRI90, 14W=100W, 1100lm, Dimmable Ultra-Thin Recessed Lighting Can-Killer Downlight

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Recessed lights are also known as pot lights or can lights by some shops. If you have a low ceiling room, this light fixture positioned inside the ceiling is probably your best option.

To install a recessed light, you’ll need at least 6″ of space above your ceiling. The light fixture is hidden inside the ceiling, and a glass panel diffuses the light. The glass panel has trim around it, which makes it quite discreet. Because humidity might build up inside the light fixture, you’ll need a ceiling with sufficient insulation.

Recessed lights have the disadvantage of not distributing light evenly around a room. The optimum use for this style of ceiling light is for ambient or task lighting.

Recessed lights have a more difficult installation process than flush or semi-flush lighting, although there are some advantages to this design:

  • Recessed lights with an eyeball trim are available. You can use this function to direct light on a wall to highlight artwork or generate optimal task lighting for your desk.
  • If you have a tiny room with a sloped ceiling, you may direct a recessed light on an empty wall to reflect the light and make the entire space appear larger and brighter.
  • This is a highly subtle and efficient solution if your room is small and it has a sloped ceiling.
  • Installing numerous recessed lights in a row or in a square can light up a huge space or an entire room.
  • Professional installation costs between $130 and $200, so even while installation is more complex than a simple flush light, this is still a cost-effective alternative.

4. Utility Lights

Bbounder 10 Pack Linkable LED Utility Shop Light, 4 FT, 48 Inch Fixture for Garage, 40W Equivalent 250W, 5000K Daylight, Surface + Suspension Mount, Florescent Light Fixture Replacement, Black

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Are you looking for a simple light fixture for your garage, cellar, or laundry room? Purchasing utility lights is most likely your best option.

Utility lights are either simple fixtures that are installed flush to the ceiling or LED bulb casings. Because you’ll need something brighter and more energy-efficient for your garage workshop, this second option would be great.

Utility lighting may appear to be a little addition, but it can significantly impact how you use a space. If you spend a lot of time in your garage working on DIY projects, several LED bulbs will come in handy.

5. LED Indirect Lighting

Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft, LEELEBERD LED Lights with Remote and App Control Sync to Music 5050 RGB LED Strip Lights, LED Lights for Room Party Decoration

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Ceiling lights with LED indirect lighting are a unique take on the traditional. Instead of putting a light fixture on your ceiling, this solution involves wrapping LED light strips around it. The light from the LED strips will reflect off your ceiling, giving the impression that the room is much larger. If you use light-changing LEDs, your LED indirect lighting can change colors. This sort of ceiling light will complement a more contemporary design.

LED lights are energy-efficient, and this is a fun DIY project that you can complete for around $400 because LED lights are inexpensive when purchased by the foot.

Installing crown molding around your ceiling is the trick. The molding will conceal the LED strips, focus the light upwards, and give your room a touch of vintage beauty.

Hanging Ceiling Lights

Task and ambient lighting are better served by hanging light fixtures. When designing a room, this fixture style concentrates light on a tiny area and can easily become one of the primary areas of interest.

6. Pendant Lights

JONATHAN Y JYL7436A Pagoda Lantern Dimmable Adjustable Metal LED Pendant, Classic, Traditional for Dining, Living Room, Kitchen, 12" 4-Bulb, Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Because they hang low, pendant lights are similar to chandeliers. Pendant lights, on the other hand, only provide one source of light. If you need more lighting for a specific area, a pendant ceiling light might be a perfect addition to a space where you already have a flush light fixture.

These lights can also be installed in a smaller room or to give task illumination in the different areas of a room. If you wish to light up a corridor or any small space, look for mini-pendants. Mini-pendants are a terrific way to make a place aesthetically intriguing if you don’t have enough space to exhibit decor items.

Because pendant lights are often hung low from the ceiling, they will be quite conspicuous and must be in keeping with the room’s decor. Pay attention to the size of the pendant light, how long it will hang, and whether the design matches the style of your existing furniture and decor.

Pendant lights with a theme can be a terrific addition to a nursery!

Look for themed light fixtures to find pendants that complement your previously chosen items to decorate this space.

7. Inverted Pendant Lights

Hampton Bay 19710-000 Santa Rita 2-Light Brushed Nickel Inverted Pendant

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These pendant lights quickly give any room a more somber feel. Many homeowners use these pendant lights in their kitchen islands, but this style can also be used to light up a bedroom or living room. Ambient lighting is ideal for this style of light fixture. Because the pendant directs some of the light towards the ceiling, making a small room feel larger.

These pendant lights are commonly referred to as bowl pendants by retailers, but you can buy them in various shapes for a more modern look. Consider installing crown molding in the room’s center since the inverted pendant light will draw attention and create an elaborate appearance by directing light at it.

8. Chandeliers

KALRI Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture with 8 Lights Crystals Raindrop Luxurious Elegant Gold Pendant Lamp for Dining Room Hallway Stairway Bar Restaurant (H23.6'' x W19.7'')

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A chandelier would certainly add pizazz to your living room or dining area! Because this form of light fixture will become the room’s focal point almost immediately, you must choose your chandelier’s style carefully.

It’s also crucial to set the height of this type of ceiling light correctly. Your chandelier’s lowest point should be 30″ above your dining room table. Anything higher may be too small for the space, while anything lower may obstruct the view or make the space appear smaller.

Chandeliers are a popular choice for dining rooms, and there are a variety of types to choose from, including modern designs. If you want to fill in a wide, empty area and make a dining room table the focal point of your room, this sort of ceiling light is great.

Here’s how to figure out what size chandelier you need:

  • If the chandelier hangs above your dining room table, the chandelier’s diameter should be half the width of the table.
  • For a different room, double the length by the width. The ideal diameter of the light fixture will be this number in inches.

When searching for a chandelier, there are a few other factors to consider:

  • For a more classic look, consider a chain-hung fixture; for a closer view, choose a suspension chandelier.
  • A chandelier with more branches will provide more lighting. For smaller rooms, chandeliers with two or three branches are available,
  • There are uplight and downlight chandelier designs as well. If you want to make a room appear larger, an uplighting design is great.

Depending on the fixture you choose, having a professional install a chandelier should cost between $100 and $400. Because you won’t have to install new wiring, replacing an old chandelier with a newer one should be even more economical.

9. Lighting for Tracks and Rails

Globe Electric 59829 "West 64"" 6-Light Track Lighting, Matte Black, Center Swivel Bars"

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Track lighting creates a highly contemporary look. Because multiple separate lights swing on a track, these fixtures are great for accent or job lighting.

Depending on the impact and height you need, you can either attach or suspend the track from the ceiling. Some track lighting systems allow you to change the direction of individual lights, which is ideal for your kitchen or workspace! Track lighting is a common design element in modern kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s also a fun alternative to semi-flush fixtures if you’ve gone for a more contemporary look in your house.

By selecting a fixture designed to hang individual pendants, you can combine track lighting and pendant lighting. You may create a distinctive effect by hanging the pendants at varying heights while also getting excellent task illumination. Because track lighting can be easily customized, it stands out among other solutions.

The installation cost is reasonable as having a professional install track lighting in your home normally costs approximately $500,

Rail lighting is similar to track lighting, except the shape and position of the rail can be changed. Some setups also allow you to adjust the position of each light fixture individually. If you want to add task lighting to a corner or prefer a curved style, rail lighting is the way to go.

10. Island Lighting

3x Independent Lights Dining Room Lights Pendant Light Fixtures Kitchen Lights, Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island Bubble Crystal Chandeliers LED Diningroom Table Over Island Lights,6000K White Light

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Island lighting resembles track lighting in appearance. Island lighting varies from track lighting in that it is designed exclusively for use on kitchen islands. As a result, the light fixtures are often suspended lower than most track lighting fixtures allow. Other shapes, such as circles and squares, can be used to cast task lighting over a broader area.

Despite the fact that island lighting is sold as a kitchen design item, it would be appropriate in a workshop or over a huge desk. Island lighting, which is a hallmark of many modern kitchen designs, will become the focal point of your kitchen.

Types of Ceiling Lights Based on Material

Let’s look at the most common materials for ceiling lights now that you’ve learned more about the various styles available. The material of a light fixture will influence whether or not it fits with the room’s general tone and ambiance.

11. Ceiling Lights Made of Glass

Modern Crystal Chandelier Auffel Minimalist LED Ceiling Light Fixture 11in Glass Flush Mount Light Fixture Surface 1980LM Wall Light for Bathroom,Kitchen Island,Bedroom

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Because it diffuses light well, glass is a common material for light fixtures. If you want something that is more utilitarian than decorative, this material readily fits in with your home design, and it is extremely easy to find glass ceiling lights that do not make a strong statement.

Glass, on the other hand, can be used in a variety of ways. Light fixtures with tinted glass or another form of finish can bring a lot of personality to a room. Glass is used in the majority of flush and recessed lighting. Semi-flushed and pendant lights are also made of this material.

12. Light Fixtures Made of Fabric

Sylvan Contemporary Modern Ceiling Light Flush Mount Fixture Bronze 18" Wide Off White Oatmeal Fabric Drum Shade for House Bedroom Hallway Living Room Bathroom Dining Kitchen - Regency Hill

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The fabric has an immediate warming impact and can help to create a relaxed atmosphere. Fabric shades are popular in bedrooms, but you can use them in your living room or dining room as well. Fabric-shaded flush and semi-flush lights are fairly prevalent. If you’re thinking about using cloth, take in mind that the color of the fabric will affect how noticeable the fixture is as well as the atmosphere it creates.

13. Light Fixtures Made of Crystal

Clear 15 Lights K9 Crystal Chandelier Modern Luxurious Light Candle Pendant Lamp Ceiling Living Room Lighting for Dining Living Room Bedroom Hallway Entry 32x35 Inch Gifts(Color Clear)

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Chandeliers are made of crystal, but this delicate material is also utilized to create semi-flush fixtures and some pendant lights. Although crystal is more expensive than glass, it makes a more powerful statement than a glass ceiling light. The way light bounces off crystal facets makes this material very intriguing.

Whether you choose a chandelier or another form of ceiling light, a huge crystal light fixture can become a standout element for a large dining area. A crystal fixture, on the other hand, might easily overcrowd a small space.

14. Ceiling Lights Made of Metal

UOFUS Metal Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture ,4 Candle Holder Matte Chandelier ,Farmhouse Ceiling Lamp for Dining Room Bedroom Kitchen Hallway Entryway(Black)

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Although metal may appear to be an uncommon material for light fixtures, it is becoming increasingly popular. Metal is, without a doubt, the ideal material for modern designs. This material is typically used for track and rail lighting, although modern kitchen islands with industrial designs are also available.  Metal is a material that can be used in a variety of ways.

You can add a subtle metal track fixture for accent lighting in your bathroom or make a metal island fixture the focal point of your modern industrial kitchen design.

Other Things to Think About

When buying a ceiling light, there are a few other factors to consider. Although the primary function of a light fixture is to offer ambient, job, or accent lighting, there are other benefits to consider.

Dimmer Switches

GE Single Pole Rotating Dimmer Switch, Push On/Off, Use with Dimmable LED, CFL, and Incandescent Bulbs, Includes Two Knob Colors, UL Listed, White/Light Almond, 18021

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When it’s time to replace a ceiling light, it’s ideal for adding a dimmer switch to the wiring. Dimmer switches have come a long way and are now more energy-efficient than ever.

You can control brightness, save energy, and use fewer light bulbs using a dimmer switch. In a light fixture that has been upgraded with a dimmer switch, you can utilize CFL, LED, and some incandescent light bulbs.

The cost of adding a dimmer to a light fixture ranges from $60 to $130, making this a cost-effective update.

It’s also worth noting that some dimmer switches are compatible with smart home systems. This means you can control your lights remotely or automatically.

Ceiling Fans

Portage Bay 50251 Hugger 52" Matte Black West Hill Ceiling Fan with Bowl Light Kit

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Ceiling fans with built-in lights or kits that can be mounted on a ceiling light are available. If you want to upgrade or redo a room without having to replace an already installed ceiling light or if you have a specific light fixture in mind, the second choice is better.

When looking for a ceiling fan, keep the following in mind:

  • How energy-efficient is the fan?
  • Do you have a variety of speeds to pick from?
  • Are the fan’s size and the number of blades appropriate for the space?
  • How low will the ceiling fan be hung?
  • Is it possible to install a ceiling fan kit on your existing light fixture?

A ceiling fan kit may be readily installed over a pendant light or an inverted pendant light. These kits should be compatible with a chandelier as well. If you have a different sort of ceiling light, you’ll most likely need to replace it with a ceiling fan with a built-in light fixture.

Bulb Types

SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulb, 60W Equivalent, Efficient 9W, 7 Year, 750 Lumens, Non-Dimmable, Frosted, 5000K Daylight - 24 Pack (40987)

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You must select the appropriate light bulb based on the impression you desire as well as the size of the room. When purchasing a new light fixture, double-check that the light bulbs you intend to use will fit in the fixture.

The following are the various types of light bulbs available from most retailers:

  • The most prevalent type of light bulb is the compact fluorescent light bulb or CFL. These light bulbs are both cost-effective and energy-saving. They can be used for both ambient and task illumination.
  • LED light bulbs consume 90% less energy and remain cool. They are more expensive and more durable. LEDs are ideal for task lighting because they are directional lights.
  • Halogen bulbs are another economical, durable, and energy-efficient choice; however, not all light fittings will maximize LED bulbs’ efficiency. They produce light that resembles that of natural sunlight.

Because of their low energy efficiency, incandescent lights are no longer manufactured. However, specialist incandescent light bulbs for chandeliers are still available. If you have a chandelier, you should consider alternatives because obtaining appropriate CFL or LED bulbs should not be difficult.

To decide which product is most energy-efficient, compare the wattage of different light bulbs. You should also consider the lumens, which represent the quantity of light emitted by a bulb.

If you have a dimmer switch, be sure the light bulbs you use are dimmable. If you want to use micro pendant lights, track lighting, or a chandelier, you’ll need to pay attention to the size and form of the bulbs you buy. Other types of ceiling lights should be able to accommodate conventional light bulb sizes and shapes without difficulty.


Below are answers to commonly asked questions about ceiling lights.

Is it simple to install ceiling lights?

Your current lighting situation determines the ease with which you can install ceiling lights. If you are just replacing an existing fixture, the process is relatively easier since the junction boxes and wiring are already in place.

If you’re adding ceiling lighting to a room that doesn’t already have it, you’ll need to cut a hole in the ceiling and then install the wiring, junction boxes, switch plates, and other components. It is also vital to note whether or not you have access to the attic area. Once you have analyzed it, you need to follow the installation instructions for your fixture.

Are LED ceiling lights dimmable?

Not all LED lights are dimmable. To find out if an LED bulb is dimmable, look at the product specifications on the packaging. Also, be cautious of the sort of dimmer you have. Leading-edge dimmers, which were originally designed for incandescent light bulbs, may not be compatible with LED lights.

What type of lights are called flush-mounted ceiling lights?

These ceiling lights are any type of light fixtures whose lighting and base components are mounted directly to the ceiling or flush or directly without gaps or extensions. One of the most common styles of flush-mounted ceiling lights is a dome-shaped light.

What type of lights are termed recessed ceiling lights?

These types of ceiling lights are installed inside the ceiling in a canister, a common name for a housing unit. The housing unit is installed such that it’s above the ceiling line with a visible decorative trim that is flush with the ceiling. The light from the bulb will shine directly downward. Recessed lighting is also referred to as can lights or downlights.

Can ceiling lights be used on walls?

Not all ceiling lights can be mounted on the wall. The fixture’s weight and heat output must be taken into account. Before considering a wall installation, make sure to read the ceiling light’s instructions and warranty.

A wall mount may void the warranty and be considered an incorrect installation.

Where Can I buy ceiling lights online?

These stores have a great selection of ceiling lights to choose from:

  • Wayfair
  • The Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Houzz
  • Overstock