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The 16 Distinct Styles of Bathroom Showers to Choose From

It’s important to think carefully before making a purchase for your bathroom. You may have overlooked a number of factors and options.

There are many options here, but the most significant factors are the kind of shower and its design. In addition to the kind of door and shower head you pick, you should also think about any other luxuries you want to add to your bathing experience. The most of our time is spent here.

When it comes to replacing a pre-built shower, it’s easy to do. Choosing a shower for your bathroom may be even more difficult.

These are the most important aspects to keep in mind when selecting a bathroom shower. To see a complete breakdown of the shower’s components, go here.

I. Choosing the appropriate shower for your restroom may be a daunting task.

A. Manufactured or Custom-Created

In the first place, what sort of shower do you see having in your new home? However, the cost of custom-made showers may be a bit more than that of pre-made ones, but they’ll fit your bathroom perfectly.

1. Showers that have been built in advance

DreamLine 32 in. D x 32 in. W x 76 3/4 in. H Center Drain Acrylic Shower Base and QWALL-5 Backwall Kit In White, DL-6195C-01

Click image for more info

Even though prefabricated showers are available at all price points, they are the most cost-effective solution. It is a self-contained item with a preset design that is called a prefabricated shower. The most frequent materials used to manufacture it are molded fiberglass, plastic, laminate, or another synthetic substance.

Shower panels, shelving, a grab bar and a shower base are all included in one-piece prefabricated bathrooms. There are a lot of quadrant shower stalls on the market.

You’ll get clean even if it’s not the most wonderful shower you’ve ever had thanks to prefabricated showers’ cost, ease of installation (do-it-yourself), and water tightness.

When it comes to drawbacks, there aren’t a lot of options. Your prefabricated shower is likely to seem drab and uninspired since shower designs aren’t universally applicable.

For prefabricated showers, there are just a few sizes available. You can’t custom-fit yours to the restricted space.

2. Assortment of Showers

Modern bathroom with marble tiled walk-in shower and wrought iron fixtures.

You may expect to pay a lot of money for a personalized shower. Keep in mind, however, that the ultimate shower experience is worth the money in the long term. How many individuals aren’t interested in an above-the-head shower?

In addition to being ecologically friendly and long-lasting, custom showers have a substantial impact on the value of your home.

Your bathroom deserves a shower built just for it, and a custom shower is precisely what that means. The result is a product that’s customized to your specific needs and preferences. What do you think of a walk-in shower? You and I both know. Do you prefer the size of the shower in your bathroom? You don’t have to be worried about anything at all.

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a custom-made shower. For a bathroom shower that stands out from the others, there are a variety of options to choose from. There are occasions when this may be a debilitating condition!

Bespoke showers may be made in any size, even in the smallest of spaces, so there are no restrictions on their design. Custom shower drains are available as an additional perk.

You may choose from a frameless or Curbless shower enclosure; a shower chair or seat; or a hand held or fixed shower head when it comes to bathing comfort. The options are endless.

In addition to being more costly, custom showers are a difficult DIY project. It’s in their best advantage to hire a knowledgeable expert the majority of the time.

B. This kind of precipitation is common.

After prefabricated or custom, this is the most significant type of bathroom showers.

A shower mixer is a device that combines hot and cold water for the shower. Use it to control the water pressure.

1. With a Handle: Mixer Shower

Shower Mixer Valves Wall Mount Bathroom Copper Faucet Shower Rough In Valve and Trim Kit Shower Tub Mixing Valve, Dr Faucet Polished Chrome

Click image for more info

Showers with a manual mixer are known as a “classic”. It’s very uncommon for people to still have them in their houses today.

2. Thermostatic Controlled Mixer Shower

Homedec Thermostatic 16-Inch LED Ceiling Mount Rainfall Shower Head System with 6 Body Sprays with Brass Hand Shower, Brushed Nickel

Click image for more info

A thermostatic shower is a good option if you have little children. It’s safe to assume that the temperature of the water in your shower will never drop below a particular point.

Each shower has a thermostatic valve that regulates the temperature of the water. Every time you take a shower, you may set the temperature to your preferred level. As a bonus, your shower pump will appreciate it as well.

This shower system enhances the safety of families with small children and the elderly. For each member of your family, you must know the ideal water temperature!

A digital shower is a typical term for thermostatic mixers that feature a digital control panel since you don’t have to manually adjust the temperature of your shower water.

3. Electric Heater with Infrared Rays

CARESHINE Electric tankless water heater 6.5KW 220V Smart Mini Water Heater Hot Water Heater Shower Kitchen Touchable Digital Display Constant Temperature 3 Seconds Fast Heated Preservative, Black

Click image for more info

Electric showers, unlike thermostatic and manual mixers, do not need a hot water supply. As long as there is a way to get some cold water, you’re good to go. When using an electric shower, the water is heated by a built-in heating unit.

Because they don’t need a hot water supply, electric showers are an excellent choice for basement remodeling. As a result, these devices are not the most energy-efficient.

C. The Shower’s Shape and Design

When the most technical concerns of shower type are addressed, shower style comes into play. We’ve arrived at the fun part.

Designing a bathroom shower is the most important decision you’ll make. This relates to the essential design and organization of your finished bathroom shower. Alternatively, you might go for a frameless shower!

1. Shower Enclosure with Quadrants

DreamLine French Corner 34 1/2 in. D x 34 1/2 in. W x 72 in. H Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure in Satin Black, SHEN-8134340-89

Click image for more info

As the name suggests, it is an open-ended shower that may be walked into.

As the name implies, they are square or rectangular in shape. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any space.

Most rectangular shower enclosures are both open and large in most situations. They may be easily concealed in a small location because to their small size. People who live in New York City are more likely to have this as a shower choice than those who don’t.

2. Shower Enclosures with Curves

DreamLine Aqua Ultra 45 in. W x 72 in. H Frameless Hinged Shower Door in Brushed Nickel, SHDR-3445720-04

Click image for more info

The curved enclosure shower, often known as a Curbless shower, features a circular entryway for a freestanding walk-in shower. Curved shower enclosures are ideal for small bathrooms because they maximize shower area by curving the end facing the room while leaving the other end square. As a bonus, they offer any bathroom a contemporary look.

3. Neo-Angle Shower Door Enclosure

DreamLine Prism Plus 42 in. x 74 3/4 in. Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure in Oil Rubbed Bronze with White Base, DL-6063-06

Click image for more info

Neo-angle walk-in shower enclosures are the most cutting-edge walk-in showers on the market today. We’ve all experienced the awe-inspiring feeling of entering a beautiful Air BnB bathroom.

With its five-sided base, the majority of them fit into a bathroom’s tight space.

A neo-angle shower enclosure may be small, but its central location makes it easy to go in and out.

4. Enclosed Shower in the Corner

DreamLine Prime 38 in. x 74 3/4 in. Semi-Frameless Clear Glass Sliding Shower Enclosure in Chrome with White Base Kit, DL-6703-01CL

Click image for more info

Having a walk-in shower with a corner enclosure is exactly what it sounds like: a freestanding walk-in shower.

A corner shower can only be built in the center of a room’s wall since the other two kinds of enclosure showers are incompatible with this arrangement. Choosing a corner shower enclosure instead of a rectangular one might save space in a tiny bathroom.

5. Tub/Shower Combination

Tub and shower combo with tiled walls and chrome fixtures.

A tub-shower combo is the only non-freestanding bathroom shower option on this list.

Because a tub-shower combo is an option, it is possible to enjoy the best of both worlds in one bathroom. To save space, use both at the same time.

Bathtubs and showers are aesthetically unappealing when combined. In lodging facilities like hotels and apartments, you’re more likely to see these kinds of showers. A shower curtain may also be required in your bathroom depending on the size and style.

Tub-shower combos with a greater emphasis on simplicity and aesthetics have recently been developed by several manufacturers. As an additional perk, you may put all of your cosmetics on the tube’s surface instead of using a shower kit.

D. Using the Bathroom’s Shower

The door you choose for your shower may have a significant impact on the look and functionality of your bathroom. The nicest part is that you get to choose the shower walls’ texture. Are you interested in textured glass? It isn’t a problem at all! Frosty? You and I both know.

1. Sliding Tracked Door

76 x 60 inch Frameless Shower Door | Polished Chrome | Madam Complete Shower Kit | Water Repellent Sliding Glass Panel + Bottom Seal Strip Parts + Easy Glide Rollers | SD-AZ13-02CH

Click image for more info

When space is at a premium, sliding doors are an excellent solution.

A sliding door can’t be opened from the outside. You just slide it down the front of your shower to get to the aperture. To avoid damaging the sink or toilet in a tiny bathroom, this is a great option.

Choosing a water-resistant sliding shower door is a need. Full-length waterproof panels are needed to prevent water from seeping out of the shower door while it is in use.

2. With a Movable Door

DreamLine Unidoor-X 69 1/2 in. W x 30 3/8 in. D x 72 in. H Frameless Hinged Shower Enclosure in Satin Black, E32322530L-09

Click image for more info

The most common shower doors have pivoting doors. If you don’t have a lot of space in your bathroom, this is a good option.

As the name suggests, this door opens outward from the shower.

There are no hinges between the top and bottom of the door. They’re a popular choice for glass showers because of their clean, modern design.

Pivot doors are an excellent substitute for sliding doors in small spaces. When a sliding door isn’t feasible in the bathroom, a pivot door is an option.

3. Opening and Closing Mechanisms for Doors

DreamLine Elegance 52 3/4 - 54 3/4 in. W x 72 in. H Frameless Pivot Shower Door in Brushed Nickel, SHDR-4152720-04

Click image for more info

Hinged doors may be opened and closed with one hand, like pivot doors. All of the shower doors in a bathroom open in one smooth motion.

The hinge location is the most significant difference. Hinged doors, in contrast to pivot doors, leave the hinges visible. Side-mounted shower doors are rather common.

Neo-angle showers, which have a bigger footprint, are more likely to have hinged doors, so yours may swing into the shower from the inside outwards.

E. Types of Showerheads for the Bathroom

This is a critical component of your shower, yet it often goes unnoticed. The quality of your shower faucet may make or break your experience in the shower. It’s not for everyone to take a shower with the force of a fire hose.

It’s not going to work with a light mist. In your new bathroom, you want a shower head that continuously sprays energizing water.

The following are some of the top shower heads for the bathroom:

1. Diverse-Setting Showerhead

Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo. High Pressure 24 Function 4" Face Dual 2 in 1 Shower Head System with Stainless Steel Hose, Patented 3-way Water Diverter in All-Chrome Finish

Click image for more info

A shower head with many settings may be used in a variety of ways. You just got into a mud battle, wasn’t it? Using a broad and centerjet will almost likely get you clean. After a long and strenuous day in the heat, what better way to unwind than to lie in the shade? The camera’s wide angle setting should be enough.

Choose from a number of flow types. The greatest multi-setting shower heads include settings for mist, massage, and pulsing.

With a multi-setting shower head, it is also possible to choose between a narrow and a wide stream of water.

2. Single Setting Showerhead

DELTA FAUCET 52158-CZ Single-Setting Metal Raincan Shower Head, 1.75 GPM Water Flow, Champagne Bronze

Click image for more info

There is just one setting on a single-setting showerhead. That one spray pattern you like doesn’t imply it’s bad!

There is no way to change the flow. You get the same kind and pressure of water every time you take a shower.

The low cost of a single-setting shower head is a plus. They’re the most affordable shower heads on the market. ‘

3. Hanging Shower on a Rack

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System,LED Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head 6-Function Faucet Rain Massage System with Body Jets, Brushed Nickel

Click image for more info

Shower towers, a new kind of shower head, are becoming more popular in high-end bathrooms.

Vertical strips with many body jets are common in shower towers. With the usage of these water-targeted outlets, you may have a Jacuzzi-like shower experience. When you take a shower, you can direct the water where you want it to go. It’s a huge perk not to have to wash your hair in this situation!

A fixed shower head rests atop a shower tower’s vertical strip, much like a regular shower head.

F. Alternate Designs May Be Used if Desired

Make your bathroom shower your own by decorating it with unique items.

A custom bathroom shower may be designed in a variety of ways, from the materials used to the color and finish of your choice.

1. Creating a Shower in a Bathroom

All of the shower designs and styles shown above may be customized to meet your specific needs.

If you’re tired of the same old shower, why not try one of these unique designs?

a. The Ability to Shower in Secrecy
LightInTheBox Contemporary Rain Shower Head LED Rectangular Shower Head Stainless steel Overhead Rainfall Massage LED Top Sprayer

Click image for more info

If you’re a minimalist, have a look at the concealed shower.

When you enter the bathroom, you won’t be able to see the shower head since it’s hidden behind other decor.

Showerheads that are attached to the ceiling are common in concealed showers. When a shower head on the wall isn’t available, water pours down from the ceiling instead.

It’s possible to have showers that appear like rain or waterfalls that hang from the ceiling.

Additional features, such as LED lighting, may be found in hidden showers. Definitely a great way to kick off the festivities!

b. Exposure to a Rain Shower
MeSun 12 Inch High Pressure Showerhead with 11 Inch Arm

Click image for more info

It is comparable to a concealed shower in that the water falls directly from the ceiling in an exposed rain shower (rather than at an angle).

Unlike a concealed shower, which has a shower head hung from the ceiling, an exposed rain shower has a shower head affixed to the wall.

Exposed shower heads provide an extra layer of realism to a downpour shower experience.

A raindrop effect may be achieved by using air bursts in the case of high-end, exposed rain showers.

c. Shower in Your Room
AlenArt LED Shower Panel Tower System 5 Function Stainless Steel Shower Panel, LED Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head, Display Screen Rain Massage System with Jets, Brushed Nickel

Click image for more info

As a rule of thumb, the water used to wash one’s body is drawn from the edges of the shower (or something similar).

These forceful streams of water, similar to those found in a hot tub or a bathtub, are meant to give pain relief for aching muscles and joints.

Many body showers provide a variety of flow options. A massage or a mist setting are two popular choices.

d. Waterfall with a Stream
M Boenn Waterfall Shower Head Wall Mounted Shower Panel Square Bathroom Bathtub ShowerHeads Brass Chrome

Click image for more info

You don’t see waterfall showers very often. It’s unusual to see a shower head that looks like a waterfall in a bathroom.

A unique shower head is located just above the place where you will be standing. A forceful jet of water is squirted at you by the shelf-like shower head.

2. Materials for the Shower in a Bathroom

Showers that are prefabricated already have their walls built in. They may be constructed from fiberglass, acrylic, or another synthetic substance.

It’s almost impossible to go wrong when it comes to designing a personalized shower. For a more refined look, you may also include stone or tile into the design of your house.

a. Tile

Walk-in shower with gray and linear mosaic tile walls.

Tile is an excellent material for shower stalls. It’s pretty uncommon to see shower floors made of tile, and the walls don’t necessarily have to match!

Tile the walls for an eye-catching look. Every color and kind of tile may be found in the vast selection. Use your own to create unique patterns for an eye-catching design.

Tile’s downside is that it requires a lot of care and cleaning. You’ll need to scrape the grout between the tiles from time to time to eliminate the buildup of dirt and grime. More possibilities for shower tile may be found here if you look around a little.

b. Stone

Bathroom with dual sink vanity and a walk-in shower highlighted with stones.

One of the few materials that may boost the aesthetic of a bathroom shower is stone.

Beautiful and ultra-modern, a stone shower is hard to beat. Despite the fact that they must be resealed on a regular basis, they are simple to clean and maintain.

Stone is the most expensive alternative, but it is impermeable, therefore it will last for a long time.

c. Fiberglass and Acrylonitrile are Used Together

Bathroom with a vessel sink vanity and a walk-in shower encased in glass panels.

You may design the whole shower wall with a single piece of fiberglass or acrylic.

Because they’re made from a single piece, they’re very durable and waterproof. When it comes to both cost and performance, fiberglass and acrylic are the obvious leaders. In addition, they’re a breeze to keep clean.

Yellowing is a problem for both fiberglass and acrylic over time. When it comes to these kinds of materials, scratching is a regular issue.

3. Colors and Finishes for the Shower in Your Bathroom

You may be able to further customize the color and finish of your shower using specific materials.

Tiles may be purchased in whatever color you like. You may use a finish to alter the appearance of the paint, making it more subdued or more vibrant.

It is possible to further customize the shower’s additional features by using color. However, shower heads and valve controls may be made of other materials if desired.

4. Size of a Shower in a Bathroom

You can have a bespoke shower in virtually any form or size, making it a great option.

Walk-in showers, which are freestanding, provide a lot of space. This kind of shower removes the bathtub in order to save space in your bathroom.

Larger showers are the current fashion, but little showers are great for bathrooms with limited space.

Large showers are prevalent in main bathrooms and other restrooms with a lot of space.

People of all sizes can take a shower at once. Dual shower heads may be installed in a big bathroom shower to offer a “his and hers” shower experience.

5. New Capabilities

There has been a slew of new features introduced to showers during the past several years.

In the shower, you may find both functional and non-functional items, therefore it’s important to distinguish between the two.

Customize your shower by choosing from the many choices available.

a. Feature that is Accessible to All Users

Shower stall with safety bars, seat, and chrome fixtures.

People with impairments may benefit from accessible shower amenities.

Showers with low or roll-in shower stalls make it easier for older and disabled people to get in and out of the shower, respectively.

An extra grab bar in the shower may assist anybody, not just those with physical impairments.

b. Built-in Benches and Chairs

Walk-in shower with built-in bench.

Adding a built-in shower seat may make the experience even more enjoyable. Using a shower chair eliminates the need to stand the whole while you’re showering. Additionally, this area serves as a place to lounge and relax while you have your legs shaved.

c. Shower Heads that can be Moved Around the Bathroom
Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Chrome 75700

Click image for more info

A fixed shower head is more than enough for most people’s needs. With a handheld shower head, you can simply wash your whole body without any difficulties. It’s a terrific way to save water when shaving your legs or washing your pet! This is an excellent way to keep water moving through a specific area.

d. Steam-Powered Generators
SteamSpa Raven Series Wifi and Bluetooth 9kW QuickStart Steam Generator Package in Brushed Nickel | Touch Screen Wifi App Control Steam Shower Kit with Drain Pans Speaker and filter kit | RVB900BN-A-F

Click image for more info

Modern bathrooms are increasingly including steam showers that are incorporated into the walls. There’s no better place to relax and unwind than in the privacy of your own home steam room! This is a great concept for making the winter months more bearable.

e. The LEDs are Relaxing
eoocvt 8 inch Square 7 Colors Automatic Changing LED Shower Head Bathroom Showerheads Sprinkler

Click image for more info

LED lights may make your custom shower even more relaxing.

LED lighting may even be configured to change color in time with the flow of water. When the stream changes direction, colored light pulsates. Despite the fact that it isn’t a must, there are moments in life when the focus is on want rather than need.

II. Additional Details

When building or buying a shower system, keep these extra considerations in mind.

A. Phenomenon and Supply

Bathroom with rain shower head and digital panel.

Checking the water pressure before choosing a bathroom shower is essential.

Your home’s water pressure determines which kind of shower is best for you. Each kind of shower requires a different amount of water pressure to function.

The use of a pressure gauge to check your water pressure might be easy, but most people prefer to hire a professional for the job.

It’s important to know a few factors in order to figure out what sort of water system your home has:

The most common water systems in American households are as follows:

An unvented water system uses heated and pressurized water stored in a tank for immediate use.

Rather of storing the water in the boiler, the water is heated on demand. The temperature may be adjusted as needed.

This is a somewhat unusual gravity system, in which cold water drips from a tank in the attic or loft. Using a pump, you may raise the water’s pressure.

B. Bathtub and Shower Enclosures

Tub and shower combo with glass enclosure.

For the majority of people, a bathroom shower that’s out of place is undesirable, therefore it’s important to match your shower’s style and décor to the rest of the bathroom.

Find the perfect shower for your bathroom by comparing different types and sizes.

If you have a small bathroom, you may be able to fit a smaller one in the corner. Those who have extra space in their bathroom may want to consider installing a bigger shower or one with several shower heads.

When deciding, keep in mind your bathroom. There is a wide range of options available. Decide on a shower layout that is appropriate for your requirements.

Ventilation and lighting must also be considered when building a new shower. In order to prevent mould and mildew from forming in your house, it is essential to have enough ventilation.

It is recommended by the National Kitchen and Bath Association that you build a ventilation system that is sufficient for the size of your shower. A steam shower requires more ventilation.

Ventilation may be improved by using a humidity-sensing device. A bathroom fan is activated as soon as it senses moisture in the air.

As important as proper ventilation is, it’s still a good idea to consider illumination. In spite of their usefulness, the ceiling fixtures usually cast shadows around the room.

In order to get the most out of your shower, you may wish to install extra lighting, such as sconces, vertical strips, or task lights using LED bulbs as bright as feasible.

Dimming switches for all of your bathroom’s lights are a must. While applying makeup or performing other similar duties, you may reduce or boost the light levels to create a romantic mood.

C. Expenditure and Price

Couple shopping for shower stall in a store.

The cost of a new shower depends on a number of factors.

According on the type you decide on, showers may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Prefab vs. bespoke showers are the two options that will have the most impact on your budget.

Prefabricated showers are the best value. Both purchasing and installing them are less expensive than with other options. A pre-fabricated shower may really be installed by anybody with a little DIY know-how.

There are, however, certain drawbacks to bespoke showers. Because a bespoke shower is often installed piecemeal, its high cost is exacerbated. It is almost always necessary to hire a contractor for this kind of job.

Optional add-ons are also available. Shower towers, LED lights, and mist makers are more expensive.

It’s the same with higher-end materials like stone or tile. Installation of this kind is much more expensive than that of a fiberglass or acrylic model.

While writing this article,’s website lists the national average for shower installation as $2,749 for a professional contractor.

It may cost anywhere from $1,181 to $2,846 on the low end for a new shower to be installed, according to their estimations.

According to HomeAdvisor, the figures are a little bit out of line. They list an average range of $1,143 to $5,371 notwithstanding a few deviations.

III. Internet shopping for bathroom showers

After reading this far, you may be wondering where to find a bathroom shower.

Some of the greatest online stores to buy bathroom showers include the following:

  • WayFair
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Pepperfry