Delving Deep Into Our Roots

In this big ol’ universe, every plant’s got its own tale, and so do we humans.  Peachesandkeen started with the dreamy ideas of Brandon Guuser and Alysa Stout, a couple of green thumbs with even greener hearts and their adventure kicked off in 2017, not just as a business, but as a promise to reconnect folks with nature’s green hug, especially in the urban jungle.  

Were more than a digital book of Philodendron facts and other greens.  Peachesandkeen is a way of thinking—believing nature can sneak its way in even the most concrete-covered corners.  We want to be the bridge helping plant lovers, newbies or pros, make friends with the green world.

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What Drives us

Here at Peachesandkeen, we’re fueled by a true passion for plants and their unique stories.  It’s this unwavering plant love that drives us to share only the best, hand-selected greenery with our community.  We aim to take the mystery out of plant care, ensuring every plant parent feels ready and confident to nurture their botanical babies.  But most of all we strive to cultivate a vibrant, welcoming network where folks from all walks of plant life can share tips, learn new tricks, and watch their green thumbs blossom.

As you explore our site know that it represents countless hours of dedication, research and care – a true labor of our plant-obsessed love.  We invite you to join the Peachesandkeen fam, where every interaction is more than a sale, it’s a chance to grow together on this wild wonderful botanical journey.  

Thanks for letting us be a part of your personal plant story. Lets grow something great!